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Father’s Day Questionnaire

Father’s Day is so fun!  I make it a point to do something fun and creative for father’s Day.  This year I asked each of the kids a few questions about their Dad and wrote them down for them.  Some of the answers were pretty cute!


A fun picture idea to attach to your questionnaire



Love these little guys!


If you are interested in my template for the questionnaire, email Jamie@encahntedmommy.com and I can forward it to you.


Science Soap Clouds: An Easy Experiment to Do With Your Kids

Awesome science activity… all you need is a bar of Ivory soap.  Yep, that’s it!  Turn some Ivory soap into a fun fluffy soap cloud!  The kids will love this… trust me!  I did this today with 4 little boys and they were mesmerized!

Step 1:  Get your Ivory soap

Step 2:  Put it in the microwave on a paper towel or wax paper and microwave for a couple minutes.  Let the kids watch as it slowly fluffs in to a large poofy cloud!


Some very mesmerized boys watched as the soap transformed in the microwave!

Step 3:  Let the kids play!  This is a great sensory activity!  Have the children describe what it feels like and smells like!  Warning:  I wouldn’t let them crumble it up until you have it in a bowl.  It might look soft and squishy, but it is actually very crumbly and flaky when you brake it apart.

Don’t worry this is not wasteful, you can still use the soap when you are done!  You can throw the whole fluffy cloud in the bath tub with them or mold your own smaller soaps from the foam and use those!  I personally like letting my kids use the cloud to soap up the slip’n slide in the backyard!  It makes for some seriously slippery fun!

Tyson declared, “This smells like a bath!!!!”


Crumble it into soap snow flakes and have the kids describe the texture


Add some food coloring and a tiny bit of water to your flakes to mold into your own soap shapes!


A little clean up advice:  Vacuum or wipe up flakes with a dry paper towel or cloth.  Do not try to wipe with anything wet or you will have a much bigger, soapier mess to clean up.

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Preschool: Introducing The Letter M

The letter M was an easier letter to do because of all the fun possibilities!  My 2 year old loves baking and doing little tasks that make it seem like she’s a big help.  She had such a great time!  Here are just a few fun ways to learn the letter M.

Ella started learning the letter M by using Markers to fill in the letter M, template here.

Coloring the letter M with markers.

We also made {and ate} Muffins!

Learning the letter M

Making her Muffins

girl eating muffin by learning letter m

Eating her mmmmmuffin.

Using Marshmallows to create the letter M was another fun and edible learning tool!

Making the letter M with marshmallows.

girl eating marshmallows

You always have to eat what you make!

She also went and put her birthday invitations into the Mailbox.

learning the letter m

She's putting her party invitations in the mmmmmmailbox.

Ella loves counting her Money and putting it into her piggy bank!

learning the letter m

We also put mmmmmmmoney in the piggy bank.

Lastly, we read “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”

If you give a moose a muffin

We read "If You Give a Moose a Muffin".

Learning letters and making out the sounds are great preschool activities.  Check out all of our other letters too!

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Hair Bow Bouquet!

Today I guest posted on another great blog, www.supernovamom.com.  That is another fun site you should check out when you have the chance!

Anyway, I made this adorable flower bouquet of all kinds of different hair bows for an upcoming baby shower.  Check out the link above to see the details on how to make some of the bows.  You’ll love it.

It will make a great center piece at the shower as well as a cute present for the new mommy!


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Cute Mother’s Day Craft!

I babysit full time and trade off teaching preschool so each year I am always searching for a cute Mother’s Day craft the kiddos can do.  I decided to have the kids do hot pads this year as they will go nicely with the aprons we did a few years back.

These are really cute and really easy.  You can order the hot pads on oreientaltrading.com or you can buy any light colored hot pad.  You will also need some fabric markers and/or fabric paint to decorate them with.

Mothers and grandmothers everywhere will love these!


Adorable Spring/Summer Wreath!

I tutor a couple evenings a week.  One night after one of my students came over he told me how he almost forgot where I lived and then remembered that I still had my clover wreath up on my door and was able to find my house.  Ha!  Yes, my clover wreath from St. Patricks Day in March.

Wow, I am a slacker.  So I set out to fix that asap.  I got a few suplies from Michael’s and was ready to go.

The stick wreath part was $4.99 and each of the three colors of flowers were on sale for $1.29 each.  I also had a 50% off one item coupon.  So basically I made the entire wreath for under $7.  The premade wreaths in this style are selling for $30 – $60 so I feel pretty good.

I love finding a good deal.  I use to say that I am cheap, but my mother-in-law has since taught me that its not being cheap it is being frugal!  Frugal sounds so much nicer!

All you have to do is pull your flowers and leafs off the stems and arrange them anyway you like on your wreath.  Then use a hot glue gun to glue it all together.  You can hang it to your wreath hanger using any ribbon or string.

This was so easy and turned out so cute I think I will make another for my mom for Mother’s Day.

Preschool: Introducing the Letter F

I’ve been working on the alphabet with my two year old!  Today, we focused on the letter F.  I am going to share all of our fun activities we did with the letter F.

First, we colored the uppercase and lowercase F which I got the template here.

learning the letter F

Coloring her "F"

Next, we colored a fish bowl and colored the fish, template found here.

learning the letter F

Coloring her fish bowl.

learning the letter F

She's proud of her fish bowl!

We (mommy, daddy and Ella) also used our hands to make Flowers!

leaning the letter "F"

She also made flowers out of hands.

She even helped mommy water her Flowers.

learning the letter f

Ella helped water flowers.

We used finger paint to incorporate the letter F.

She also painted with her fingers.

Lastly, we used our magna-tiles to create the letter F.

learning the letter F

We made an F with the magna-tiles.

Each letter has so many ways to learn it!  Check out some of the other letters on this site!

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Preschool: Introducing the Letter X

Letter X is the hardest!  There are just not that many words that start with X to help your child figure this one out!  I was kind of bummed that letter X fell on my week to teach preschool, but now I am glad!  We did a lot of fun activities to emphasize the letter X with the kids and it was really fun to watch the kids enthusiasm!

Circle time was a little different.  I reviewed past letters as usual and then introduced the letter X.  I told them that there were not very many words that start with this letter, but there a lot of words that end with the letter X.  I wrote down different words that end in the letter X one at a time (Box, Fox, Ox, Mix, Six, etc…)  and had the kids sound them out with me while really emphasizing the X sound at the end.

I did find an old x-ray of my shoulder from a snow boarding injury and taught them what an x-ray is and how/why they are used.  They were surprisingly interested.  Ha!

We also played Tick-Tack-Toe during circle time.  We played teacher vs. kids.  The kids loved it!  I held up a number flash card and had one of the kids tell me what number it was.  When they answered the question correctly they got to come up and draw their on the chalk board as their team’s move.  We played a few games having them trade off being X’s and O’s so that they would have the chance to practice writing both.

The kids loved bragging about how they beat me!

For our Art activity we painted X‘s that had been cut from cardboard.  I planned on using the finished X’s in a treasure hunt later on (you know… X marks the spot), but we never got to it with all the other things we did.

Great activity for the younger kids too!

These would have been fun to use in a treasure hunt!

We also made painter’s tape X‘s.  All you have to do for this is put an X on each paper with painter’s tape.  Then let the kids paint all over the paper however they want.  After the paint is dry, pull the painters tape up revealing a nice clean X.  This was pretty cool, but if I were to do it again I would reinforce the back of the paper using packaging tape so that the paper would be sturdier as there were a few little rips when pulling the tape off.

Another great activity we did was making a giant X in the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  The kids got to help color the X and then walk along it.

Coloring the X with sidewalk chalk!


Walking, dancing, and skipping down the X!

Here are few more letter X ideas you might also like:
Glue toothpicks on a paper in the shape of X’s
Make a treasure map/Scavenger hunt (X marks the spot!)
Have the kids form the letter X using their bodies
Bean bag Toss:  put X’s and O’s on the floor and let the kids try to hit the X’s
Make and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of X’s


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New Daisy Hair Bow Tutorial

As you know from my previous daisy and korker bow tutorial, I love making my girls bows!  People ask so often where I got them and they are completely surprised that I make them.  Here is a new one I tried and I loved it!

pinwheel bow with button

Isn’t the bow so adorable?!?!

The steps cannot be easier!  All you need is an alligator clip, 5/8″ ribbon of choice, button of choice, hot glue gun, and 3/8″ ribbon to cover clip!

Step 1: Cover your alligator clip.

start making a bow

hot glue ribbon all around it

Step 2: Cut your 5/8″ ribbon into 6 equal parts and glue them.

daisy bow

cut strips equally and make sure you cut them double the width you want the bow (they are basically folded in half)

Step 3:  Glue strips around into the shape of a flower and glue button in the middle.  Then, glue bow onto covered alligator clip.

Cute daisy bow in my daughter’s hair

Okay, I couldn’t leave my other sweet babe out!  Here is the most simple clip ever!  All you do is step 1 and glue buttons on it!

button bow

Here’s another clip that is so easy.  Just repeat step one and glue buttons on it!

Perfect clip for her outfit.  It cost around 10 cents!

A Fun Way To Organize All Of Your Girlie Hair Clips!

hair clip organizer

Isn't this so cute for hair clips?!?!

I didn’t think of this myself.  A couple of years ago, we went to a homearama in Norfolk near my in-laws house and I saw this in a little girl’s bathroom.  If you’ve never been/heard of a homearama, you need to check out ASAP if there is one in your area anytime soon.  Basically, it’s a set up of 20 or so model homes that are for sale, but they are decorated amazing and can give you tons of fun ideas!!

I went to the Navy Exchange and found this memo board (~$15) and wahlaa.  These aren’t bows that I made in case you’re wondering, I got most of these from Target, Wal-Mart or Clarie’s.  It is a great way to organize all of the hair clips and everyone that sees it loves the idea.  It’s perfect in their bathroom.

For a couple of bow tutorials, check out my daisy hair bow and my korker bow!