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Preschool: Letter K

I found some fun letter K activities to do with the kiddos when it was my turn to teach preschool last month.  Don’t ask why I am just not posting them… life just gets busy!

Anyway, we read the story of Humpty Dumpty during circle time after we had talked about the letter K.  It wasn’t the basic nursery rhyme, but a more detailed story with lots of fun pictures.  I told the kids before the story to listen for someone important in the story who started with the letter K.  The kids are still mostly 3 year olds and needed a few hints before coming up the with the King as the important person I was referring to.

So we made ourselves Kings by cutting and decorating our own crowns and then walking around the house pretended to be Kings.   The kids really had fun with it.

Love these little Kings!

We also painted uppercase and lowercase K’s for our alphabet book.  For each letter we make a nice project that can represent that letter to put in our binders.  When we finish the alphabet we will have our very own home made books to help us remember all our letters.

One of the cross curricular activities we did was a kite puzzle.  Along, with reinforcing the letter K and its sound, the kids matched the shapes and numbers to make the kite.  They also counted the pieces to the kite.

Painting our K's

The kite puzzle


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