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Preschool: Introducing the Letter X

Letter X is the hardest!  There are just not that many words that start with X to help your child figure this one out!  I was kind of bummed that letter X fell on my week to teach preschool, but now I am glad!  We did a lot of fun activities to emphasize the letter X with the kids and it was really fun to watch the kids enthusiasm!

Circle time was a little different.  I reviewed past letters as usual and then introduced the letter X.  I told them that there were not very many words that start with this letter, but there a lot of words that end with the letter X.  I wrote down different words that end in the letter X one at a time (Box, Fox, Ox, Mix, Six, etc…)  and had the kids sound them out with me while really emphasizing the X sound at the end.

I did find an old x-ray of my shoulder from a snow boarding injury and taught them what an x-ray is and how/why they are used.  They were surprisingly interested.  Ha!

We also played Tick-Tack-Toe during circle time.  We played teacher vs. kids.  The kids loved it!  I held up a number flash card and had one of the kids tell me what number it was.  When they answered the question correctly they got to come up and draw their on the chalk board as their team’s move.  We played a few games having them trade off being X’s and O’s so that they would have the chance to practice writing both.

The kids loved bragging about how they beat me!

For our Art activity we painted X‘s that had been cut from cardboard.  I planned on using the finished X’s in a treasure hunt later on (you know… X marks the spot), but we never got to it with all the other things we did.

Great activity for the younger kids too!

These would have been fun to use in a treasure hunt!

We also made painter’s tape X‘s.  All you have to do for this is put an X on each paper with painter’s tape.  Then let the kids paint all over the paper however they want.  After the paint is dry, pull the painters tape up revealing a nice clean X.  This was pretty cool, but if I were to do it again I would reinforce the back of the paper using packaging tape so that the paper would be sturdier as there were a few little rips when pulling the tape off.

Another great activity we did was making a giant X in the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  The kids got to help color the X and then walk along it.

Coloring the X with sidewalk chalk!


Walking, dancing, and skipping down the X!

Here are few more letter X ideas you might also like:
Glue toothpicks on a paper in the shape of X’s
Make a treasure map/Scavenger hunt (X marks the spot!)
Have the kids form the letter X using their bodies
Bean bag Toss:  put X’s and O’s on the floor and let the kids try to hit the X’s
Make and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of X’s


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