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C is for Caterpillar: A Fun And Easy Craft

One of my favorite childhood books was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I loved reading it and looking at all the colorful illustrations.  It just so happened that I was assigned to teach the letter C for my co-op preschool program my 3 year old participates in. Ah ha!  Perfect reason to pull out my old book!

We learned about caterpillars, pretended we were caterpillars, and painted caterpillars!  It was a fun day!  The paintings turned out so cute I had to post them!

I gave all the kids cotton rounds and paint and let them have at it.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this project without layering the table with newspaper first.  The kids sort of went nuts painting the newspaper after they ran out of cotton rounds. 

Another great trick that helps with clean up is to mix soap in the paint.  It can be dish soap or even hand soap.  I use it even if the paint is washable; it just makes spills and hand washing that much easier to clean.

Materials:  I used cotton rounds for the body, yarn for the smile, and googly eyes.  These items could be switched out for pretty much anything similar you have around the house.

I had the kids color with greens and browns for the backround.  I am a little biased, but they turned out great!

Check out this Clown craft for another letter C activity!


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