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Preschool: Introducing The Letter D

Even though Ella was a little under the weather today, she still had a lot of fun learning the letter “D.”  You say craft and that girl comes running with bells on!  Here are a few cute things we did.

First we started by making a letter D and turning it into a dinosaur.

Here’s the beginning:

Learning the letter D.

….and the end!

Ella's dinosaur "D". This was REALLY easy. Just cut out a letter D, five triangles, tail, neck, head and legs. Put a googly eye on and you're golden!

Then, we added the “D” card to her flash card “completed” pile!  These flashcards have really come in handy!  You can order them here.  I’ve found that they are really helpful and I make learning her letters into a game!

d flashcard

D flashcard

Recently, we attended a wedding with a D-olphin show.  The girls didn’t go with us, so we took a video for them!  Here is the video she got to watch.


Lastly we took the D-og for a walk.

girl walking dog

Ella walking the dog.

By the end of the night, she could tell us what “D” sounded like and several things that started with “D.”  She even came up with d-octor on her own.  Kids just love it when you spend time with them and love crafts.


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