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Preschool: Introducing the Letter F

I’ve been working on the alphabet with my two year old!  Today, we focused on the letter F.  I am going to share all of our fun activities we did with the letter F.

First, we colored the uppercase and lowercase F which I got the template here.

learning the letter F

Coloring her "F"

Next, we colored a fish bowl and colored the fish, template found here.

learning the letter F

Coloring her fish bowl.

learning the letter F

She's proud of her fish bowl!

We (mommy, daddy and Ella) also used our hands to make Flowers!

leaning the letter "F"

She also made flowers out of hands.

She even helped mommy water her Flowers.

learning the letter f

Ella helped water flowers.

We used finger paint to incorporate the letter F.

She also painted with her fingers.

Lastly, we used our magna-tiles to create the letter F.

learning the letter F

We made an F with the magna-tiles.

Each letter has so many ways to learn it!  Check out some of the other letters on this site!

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