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Bedroom Make Over!

Okay so this was way too funny not to post.  Check out these before pics of my niece and nephew’s bedroom!  Hilarious!

My sister is way more chill than I am… I am too ashamed to even put how I would react if my children ever did something like this to any spot in my house.  You know what they say, “Nothing stikes fear like the site of a toddler holding a open sharpie!”

Anyway, for whatever reason my sister thought it would be fun to let her kids color and paint anywhere they wanted in their own bedrooms.  The kids had a blast and so did any of their friends that came over (as evident by all the different friend signatures on the wall).

Anyway, after a couple years of this they were really ready to clean it up!  Ha!  So this is our before and after of the clean up job.  It is not finished just yet and could use some curtains and cute little bedspreads, but even still, the difference is night and day.

The kids were sad to lose their “masterpiece,” but LOVE the new room!

We learned some very valuable lessons while cleaning this up…

1.  An oil based primer must be used to get off any permanent marker and dark paint spots.  The paint and primer in one was not strong enough and after it had dried the marker would still seep through… yep then we had to go over the marker spots again with the primer and then with the green paint.

2.  They have an oil based spray paint primer that blends in on white ceilings nicely… this came in handy so we didn’t have to paint the entire ceiling, just sprayed the few spots they somehow were able to color on from standing on their bunk beds.

3.  The paint in primer worked wonderfully on the furniture without doing any sanding, but did take longer to dry than the walls.  Even when it felt dry on the surface it was still wet underneath the first layer.  It took a full 24 hrs to be completely dry where we could put the mattresses back on the beds.

It is hard to see in this lighting, but the room is now a nice sage green color.

I love the way the dresser turned out with the grey trim.


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