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How to Remove Sharpie — Who Knew?!

Sharpie all over toy

Those little sneaks!

This past weekend we had some friends over.  They also have a two year old who is very close with my two year old.  The adults were upstairs chillaxin and the kids were playing in the basement.  Yes, them being quiet was too good to be true.  My husband went to check on them and bababababammmmm. They had a little party with my husband’s sharpie they found.  Luckily, it was only on this toy and one other– no carpet.  My genius husband knew how to get sharpie off, so I’m going to share!

What you need:

  • dry erase marker
  • windex
  • paper towels

All you do is:

  • Go over sharpie marks with dry erase marker.  Yes, it gets worse before it gets better, don’t worry.
Put dry erase marker

Cover sharpie spots with dry erase marker.

  • Spray toy with windex
removing sharpie from toys

Spray with windex and wipe with paper towels.

  • Wipe over with paper towel.
Clean toy from sharpie being on it

Wahlaaaa…. good as new!

There you have it!  Who knew?!?!?!

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