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Cute Wreath For The Front Door

So, I recently saw something like this on Pinterest, but it kept linking to an error/site that could give a virus.  So I would give credit, but I can’t this time.  Look at what I made!

wreath for front door

Isn’t this adorable!

I went to Michael’s and got all of my supplies!  This is what you need:

This is all you need!

Pick your favorite flowers, the letter you want, wreath, some burlap, moss and hook for the door.


All you do is:

Just wrap the burlap around the wreath, hot gluing it occasionally.
Glue Moss to the letter. (I actually painted my letter black before putting the moss on only because I would rather black show through than wood color).
Cut flowers and stick them into the wreath and also hot glue them.

Wahlaa, you have an adorable wreath for about $35!!!!!

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