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Cute Lil Turkey Craft

This craft was so fun to make!  I found the idea here.

Such a cute turkey craft.

I think what made it so fun was that we got to hunt down some of mother nature at its finest.  Fall is so beautiful here in Virginia.  We went on a little hunt for all the turkey’s feathers.  Ella (3) was really big into fall this year and “all the beautiful leaves”.  This craft was so perfect for her.

All you need to do for this craft is to take a white cup or any color and paint it brown:

Ella painting her cup. Three year olds love to paint!

Go out and find your leaves while the cup is drying!

Searching for the perfect leaves!

Look at all these beautiful leaves!

Come in and cut up your pieces (you need red and orange construction paper and two googley eyes):

I used googley eyes, but the tutorial I saw used white construction paper with black dots as the eyes.

Glue it on (I used a hot glue gun), and there’s your turkey!  I got called “the best mom ever” for this one.

She’s so happy of her accomplishment.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you have a great holiday spent with family!  Make sure you do this craft before it’s too late!

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