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Monster Cupcakes!

My life is so crazy busy right now!  Those of you out there with three boys during soccer season know exactly what I am talking about!  We have four soccer games a week!  That makes for a lot of muddy laundry, sunscreen, sweat, and gatorade!  I have to say though, I LOVE IT!!!!!  Today my little soccer man scored his first goal in a real game.  He was giving me a thumbs up as he ran down the field after his goal.

So dang cute!  I did experience something new tonight…  after my 4 yr old scored his second goal in his game, he didn’t look over to see if I had seen it.  What!!!!  I was so sad…  Silly of me I know, but I just love when my boys still wave and give me a thumbs up during the game.  Not the second time around though, he just ran on by and high-fived his teammates!  How dare he not want/need his mommy’s praise anymore!  Ha!  It is bad enough that my seven year old has grown out of this, but now my little four year old too!  Doesn’t seem right in my opinion (says the mom who can’t let go!).  Good thing I still have the three year old to blow me kisses from across the playground!

Anyway, I was at my youngest nephew’s birthday party on Saturday and loved their adorable monster cupcakes.  You can get the monster leg cupcake holder at any craft store.  First take a # 12 tip and make a hershey kiss sized glob on the top of the cup cake. Then use your a 133 icing tip to make the “monster fuzz” on the top of the cupcake by stringing the frosting from the bottom of the cupcake to the top of the hershey kiss.  Work your way around the hershey kiss making the frosting evenly distributed around it.  If you use too much on one side you risk a lopsided cupcake that could tip over in the monster shoe base.  She used oreos and licorice to make the face.


This is how a one year old Birthday boy eats a monster cupcake!!!!!

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