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Making Your Own Foam Hand Soap

This is SO easy!  Now that I know how it is made, I’m in shock that places charge the same price for the foam soap as the regular.  I always buy the foam soap any way because it never leaves clumps in the sink and it always seems to last longer. All you need is: […]

A Fun Way To Organize All Of Your Girlie Hair Clips!

I didn’t think of this myself.  A couple of years ago, we went to a homearama in Norfolk near my in-laws house and I saw this in a little girl’s bathroom.  If you’ve never been/heard of a homearama, you need to check out ASAP if there is one in your area anytime soon.  Basically, it’s […]

My Sweet Girl’s 1st Birthday!

I love celebrating my girls birthdays!  I always say that the next birthday will be more simple and less crazy on my end, but I truly do love it.  We do everything ourselves, so I try being creative when I’m putting the party together.  We did celebrate Anna’s 1st birthday twice by doing a shared […]

Easter Popcorn Cake — Sweet and Savory Delicious

I’ve always been a fan of popcorn cake.  It.is.amazing.  My brother always makes it every Christmas, so I made an excuse to make it at Easter time with the pastel M&Ms.  So.dang.good.  I’m “supposed” to be on the Paleo diet so I fit in my bridesmaid dress next week for my friend’s wedding, well I […]

Personalizing Your Thank You Card!

I recently received a thank you email from a friend’s party.  It wasn’t your ordinary thank you card like these: It was an email of her son playing with the toys we got him along with him wearing his outfit!  This takes a little thought, but it really does show the child enjoying their gift. […]

Buffalo Chicken in the Crock Pot – Skinny Style

I often go out with some of my friends just to get buffalo wings and sweet potato fries.  I love me some hot stuff .  This also takes literally 5 minutes to prepare in the slow cooker.  Crock pot + hot stuff = mydreammeal.  I got this from allrecipes.com. All you need is: 3 chicken […]

How to Remove Sharpie — Who Knew?!

This past weekend we had some friends over.  They also have a two year old who is very close with my two year old.  The adults were upstairs chillaxin and the kids were playing in the basement.  Yes, them being quiet was too good to be true.  My husband went to check on them and […]

Learning Words With Plastic Easter Eggs!

Keep those Easter eggs!!!!!  This is an awesome way for your little ones to learn their words! All you need is: plastic Easter eggs label maker (that is the one I have and a favorite mama item) It’s so easy and can really help with learning!  I found this on good ‘ol pinterest here.  Twist the […]

Another Cute Bunny Craft!

Do you remember my previous bunny craft?  Here is another cute bunny idea!  Thank you pinterest!  The actual blog is here.  Check it out! My daughter begs for crafts, so I have to get creative (or look on pinterest).  I found this craft and had everything we needed.  Here is what I used (a little […]

Yummy Chicken Divan!

Remember my recipe party?!?!  Well, this was one of the dishes that I made.  It is another awesome meal to take to your new mommy friends too (notice I say this a lot, I was SO appreciative of all the meals I received!). Here is what you need: 3 chicken breasts 2 bunches of broccoli […]