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My Sweet Girl’s 1st Birthday!

I love celebrating my girls birthdays!  I always say that the next birthday will be more simple and less crazy on my end, but I truly do love it.  We do everything ourselves, so I try being creative when I’m putting the party together.  We did celebrate Anna’s 1st birthday twice by doing a shared family party for her and my great nephew  (there are 35 people in mine and my husband’s family) and a friend party.  Here are some of the fun things I did to make Anna and my guests enjoy the time.

month birthdays

I took a picture on each of her month birthdays and created this!

1st birthday party idea

Here is a close up of Anna's first 3 months. A fun and cute idea to see how much your baby has changed in one year!


Remember, people eat with their eyes.

Fruit tray

My husband did this fruit platter for our sweet girl!

Even the kids, make sure you  make things that they will enjoy.  I just used a bunny cookie cutter for this since it was close to Easter.  I’ve seen people also use cookie cutter letters that spell out things.

Peanut bunny and jelly sandwiches.

Always remember to do cute things that the kids will eat!


For the family party, I did the smash cake (my mother in-law iced it because I was running out of time).  I love the big cupcake cake for smash cakes.

1 year old smash cake

Perfect for a smash cake and so easy!

I also did a cute smash cake for my other daughter’s 2nd birthday.  Check it out here.

I made cupcakes for her friend party.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I made all of these for $5 and it was so simple.


The parties were so fun!  Even if it is a 1st birthday, remember all of the kids that are there too!  We did an Easter Egg Hunt at both parties because it was close to Easter, but heck, kids like hunts any time of the year.  You could even just throw candy in the grass and send the kids out to find it (in wrappers of course).  

My 2 year old, Ella, doing the egg hunt!

We also invested in a bounce house last year for my daughter’s 2nd birthday that we bring outside for parties.  They are kind of pricey, but we keep it in our basement when we don’t have guests over.  The girls jump in it down there almost every night.  

bounce house

Definitely worth the money when hosting a party! It was the hit at the party.

I cannot believe it’s been a year!  Happy Birthday, sweet Anna Belle!

Eat it up girl!

 Happy Birthday Party Planning!


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