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Cupcake Birthday Cake

Zebra Elmo cupcake cake

Isn't this so cute... and it's SO easy to make!

I just love planning for my girls birthday parties far in advance!  I have SO much fun finding ideas!  Although, let me just tell you that I’m not a theme type of person.  My house and my clothes are all boring neutral.  So, when it comes to planning my kids birthday parties, it’s hard.  Like many soon to be two year olds, Ella had her favorite character.  At that time, it was Elmo.

I can’t say that I find it cute.  I’m not one of those women that like cartoon characters at an older age (in fact, I’m total opposite).  Because of this, I had to find something that incorporated simplicity along with her Elmo.

I knew I had to give a little.  Nevermind the fact that I (and mostly all moms) would do anything for my kids.  She sang all of Elmo’s songs and watched him on the iPad every chance we allowed her.  How could I not give her an Elmo themed party?  So, I did.  I gave her a zebra print party with Elmo accent.  I got the idea when I found the shirt below on etsy.

Elmo birthday shirt

This shirt gave me the idea for Ella's party

Now, you’re probably reading this post so you can learn how to make the cupcake cake.  So here you go!

You will need:

  • cake flavor of your choice
  • two white icings (I wouldn’t use a creamy or whipped)
  • pink cake coloring for icing (you can get this from any craft store in the cake aisle)
  • cupcake cake pan
  • black wilton sparkle gel (I found mine at party city, but I also saw that they sold it in grocery stores)
  • star cake tip
  • large ziplock bag to squeeze icing
pan for cupcake cake

This is the cupcake cake pan that I have


star cake tip
This is what the star tip looks like


  • cook cake according to the box and cupcake cake pan directions (the cupcake pan will tell you cooking instructions)
  • Let cake completely cool
  • Put white icing all over cake bottom and top so that it looks smooth
  • Put the top piece on the bottom piece
  • Mix the pink icing coloring with the icing with a mixer to make it really pink (remember: a little of this goes a long way and you can always add more)
  • Put the pink icing in the ziplock bags and do stars all over the top of the cake
  • Use the black sparkly gel to make lines all over the bottom of the cake (just random zebra lines)
You’re done 🙂  You can also do a little extra by decorating the plate!
Zebra print and Elmo party invite

I even had a friend design her invitations according to her shirt.

***  Side note.  I just love cupcake cakes.  I also used the pan for her 1st birthday party smash cake.  It was really cute and a big hit!  So, I will probably let the tradition continue each year for Ella.


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