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Making Your Own Foam Hand Soap

Foam hand soap

Just as perfect as if you bought it, for probably 1/10th of the price!

This is SO easy!  Now that I know how it is made, I’m in shock that places charge the same price for the foam soap as the regular.  I always buy the foam soap any way because it never leaves clumps in the sink and it always seems to last longer.

All you need is:

  • Any of your favorite nonfoam hand soap (enough to cover 1 inch in your foaming soap bottle)
  • Foam soap bottle
  • Water
  • Fill foam soap bottle with 1 inch of your desired soap.
MAking foam soap

All you need is 1 inch of your favorite hand soap and water!

  • Fill the rest with of bottle with water.
  • Mix around slowly from side to side and up and down (I wouldn’t shake because it will get all sudsy).
You’re done!
perfect homemade foaming hand soap

See how perfect it comes out!

Here’s a fun tip:
Go buy one regular bottle of foam soap and then buy the regular (nonfoam) in that kind.  Then, you can make 10 bottles for the price of two!


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