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What To Do When It Rains!

Cute girl playing in rain

It is also a great picture idea!

I often thought that my two (almost 3) year old would enjoy playing in the rain.  Boy did she ever!  She had so much fun that she cried when she had to come in.  You know… that thing called my little sibling just woke up from a nap screaming.  She was soaked head to toe by the time we came in, but I repeat, she had so much fun.

Loving the rainy weather.

One of the most fun things she's ever done.

I encourage everyone to let their kids play in the rain.  It will definitely be a memory.  It also makes that dreary day seem fun.  My daughter couldn’t wait for her dad to come home and tell him how much fun she had!

Playing in the rain

Just a little puddle jumping!

Then, they have to come inside and take a bath.  Make that a fun experience too!

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