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Coconut Milk Tropical Smoothie – Delicious and Paleo Friendly

coconut smoothie

A delicious coconut fruit smoothie! Yes, please!

I love smoothies.  Period.  I’ve always visioned myself being that trendy stay at home mom walking into the smoothie shop everyday and getting myself and my daughters smoothies.  I quickly woke up and realized that can’t happen.  I would literally hate myself if I spent $12 everyday on drinks.

So, I forced myself to learn how to make them.  I also needed to make it Paleo style.  Sorry Smoothie King, Robeks and Tropical Smoothie Cafe… you’re not really all that healthy nor do you qualify my needs for Paleo.  I, okay my husband, came up with this delish smoothie.  All you need is…..

coconut smoothie

All you need for your smoothie!

  • 1/2 can coconut milk (I bought this brand because the only ingredients are coconut milk and water)
  • banana
  • mixed frozen fruit (or frozen fruit of choice)

Put it in your magic bullet cup:

Fill the cup up with your favorite ingredients

Mix away!


Getting all smooth....

Seriously, the magic bullet has to be one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  It’s amazing and it is reasonably priced.  It makes smoothies so convenient and easy.

Now, look at it finished.

tropical smoothie

After the bullet....


girl drinking smoothie

She loves them!

My 2 year old begs for me to make them everyday and my 1 year old loves them too.  You can easily sneak some other stuff into them also.  Happy smoothie making.  You really should try it, they are delicious and healthy!

Check out the baby food I made in the bullet:



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