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Making Baby Food, Fruit this Time!

My last baby food post was for vegetables.  You really can’t get any easier than veggies, but of course your precious needs fruits too!  So, here’s a step-by-step guide to making fruit.

What you need to get started

  • saucepan
  • apples (or fruit of choice)
  • magic bullet or other blender or food processor
  • large ziplock freezer bag
  • ice tray
making fruit baby food

saucepan, apples (or fruit of choice), magic bullet or other blender or food processor, large ziplock freezer bag, and ice tray


  • Peel and core as many apples (or other fruit) as you would like to use (don’t mind my coring job, my corer is awful)
  • Cut up the apples a little more
  • Throw them in the saucepan with water just covering the apples
  • boil until soft (it took mine about 8 minutes)
  • Put apples in magic bullet (I saved some out and will tell you why in a minute)
  • Take some of the water from the sauce pan and put it in with apples in your blender
  • Blend away (add water if they are too thick)
  • Pour into ice cube tray
  • Freeze and then pour into a ziplock bag with name and date on it
Wahlaaaaaa and you are done!
apples getting soft for baby food

Here are my apples boiling. They smell SO good!

making baby food in magic bullet

If you read my veggie post, I described a little bit of my love for the magic bullet. It seriously makes it so perfect.

freezing baby food

I didn't quite fill up the ice cube tray because I saved some of the apples. Read below!

They always say “variety is the spice of life”.  So, I got ideas from walking down the baby aisle and seeing all of the different mixes they used.  We had some bananas so I took the rest of the apples and a banana and threw them in the bullet.  Wahlaaaaaa again, now we have apple-banana food too!

banana and apple baby food

It's as easy as this!

Next, I might try some blueberry apples or some banana berry.  Yummm!  Be creative and have fun!!


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