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How to Make Bacon Salt

I think everyone on the planet loves bacon, especially men (so make them this and they will LOVE you)!  Ever since I first read the story of the guys who created bacon salt a few years ago, I’ve been wanting.  Infused salts are nothing new, but the idea of easily infusing bacon flavor into almost anything seemed beyond amazing. […]

Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at Lunch

I got the name of this blog post from this hilarious scene from the office: This morning my poor 6 month old, Anna, was not feeling well.  I didn’t want to leave the house because I wanted her to rest well in her bed and not out and about.  Poor thing slept for 3.5 hours […]

Making Baby Food, Fruit this Time!

My last baby food post was for vegetables.  You really can’t get any easier than veggies, but of course your precious needs fruits too!  So, here’s a step-by-step guide to making fruit. What you need to get started saucepan apples (or fruit of choice) magic bullet or other blender or food processor large ziplock freezer […]

Awesome Consignment Finds

After today I decided that I’m no longer shopping in stores for clothes or toys for the girls.  Of course I say that now, but I found so many amazing deals at a local church’s twice a year consignment sale today.  You need it for a child, they had it.  They only accept things that […]

Making Baby Food

l’m almost embarrassed to write this post because I’m on my 2nd child and I just learned the easiest thing ever how to make baby food.  I often see posts on Facebook of people wanting advice and that they’ve read up on it.  Well, it’s.so.dang.easy. Here’s what you need: Magic Bullet – okay, I’m super partial to my […]

Cupcake Birthday Cake

I just love planning for my girls birthday parties far in advance!  I have SO much fun finding ideas!  Although, let me just tell you that I’m not a theme type of person.  My house and my clothes are all boring neutral.  So, when it comes to planning my kids birthday parties, it’s hard.  Like […]

Magical Peanut Butter Cookies, South Beach Style

If I look at sugar, it goes straight to my butt.  The End. So, I’ve gotten pretty good at modifying recipes so they are South Beach friendly.  This definitely fulfills my sweet tooth, it is such a great alternative to Paula Dean’s regular recipe.  You have to think that it’s all mental and that you […]

Fun Handprint and Footprint Quick Halloween Project

Got 20 minutes?  I’ve been searching around to find some fun Halloween crafts for my 2 year old.  This was perfect for her attention span and it is something great for me to keep and do every year for memories!   Supplies Needed: Paper Towels: I wet like 5 of them to clean off paint […]

How I Deal with my Toddler’s Car Sickness

I’ve always been able to read, play video games and write in the car without ever feeling sick.   On the other hand, my husband is very prone to motion sickness.  We were at Kings Dominion last weekend and he couldn’t ride half of the roller coasters because he got “headachy.”  Ella, my two year old […]