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Awesome Consignment Finds

After today I decided that I’m no longer shopping in stores for clothes or toys for the girls.  Of course I say that now, but I found so many amazing deals at a local church’s twice a year consignment sale today.  You need it for a child, they had it.  They only accept things that are great condition.  If anything looks even slightly worn then they put it on a special rack that says “worn or out of season”.

When I say they had everything, they had tons and tons of shoes, clothes, walkers, high chairs, strollers, potties, books, DVDs, cribs, rockers, toys, bikes, coats, snow suits, pack n plays, exersaucers, bjorns, jumpers, socks, and even tons of Halloween costumes.  If you are having a baby or you want a nice treat for your child, this is what you so need to do.

I will save the clothing for later when my girls are in a great mood to model it for you and after it’s washed.  I even went back for more clothes later in the day because they have a “dollar dash” which is everything that is left is $1.  Obviously, this stuff was more picked over, but I did get a jean skirt, sweater and pajamas for Anna and I picked up my friend’s son two shirts.

Here are two things that I bought my girls:

baby walker from consignment

Anna with her consignment item, retails for $39.99, I paid $10

Riding Dora Scooter

Ella did watch the neighbor play with a scooter and wanted one. I couldn't pass this up. This scooter retails for $25 and I paid $6.

So for $16, they had a great day and I have this to show for it.

Dora scooter, baby trend walker

I think the sweetness of this picture alone is worth $16. I love that they both have a sister 🙂

Now, go find a local consignment near you and then feel the awesomeness with me!


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