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Fiesta Baby Shower

{ Kelcey is one of the best party throwers I know!  She has some amazing ideas so we are thrilled to have her guest post for us!  Hopefully we can get her to post more of her ideas in the future!   -Jamie }

Our good friends (and former neighbors in London last year) H and S are having a baby girl next month!  I decided on a “fiesta” theme for the shower because S’s family is from Mexico and bright colors inside are a cheery contrast with the grey winter outside.

Since H and S live about an hour away, we hosted the shower in the “common room” at their apartment complex.


Heavy appetizers are perfect for an afternoon shower.  Mini snacks in cute cups and bowls made munching easier, less messy, and fun.  Since H and S are healthy eaters I did my best to make it a menu they would approve.PicMonkey CollageLargeQuesadilla

Shredded chicken and carne asada quesadilla bites were a big hit.  To make them easy to eat on a small party plate, I used a colorful mini fork or cactus toothpick ($0.99 for 25 at Oriental Trade) in each bite.


Mini fiesta fruit salads add a tropical, sweet kick: chopped mango, papaya, kiwi, and fresh mint tossed in orange juice.  (The fresh mint is the secret ingredient).  I found these cute spoons and mini cups/cupcake wrappers at ShopSweetLulu.com, my favorite party accessory website.  I like to get one or two cute, original items from the site to mix in with my Costco/Target finds.


Mini corn and black bean salads with basil lime vinaigrette.  I love Giada’s recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/corn-and-black-bean-salad-with-basil-lime-vinaigrette-recipe/index.html

PicMonkey CollageSalsaBar

A salsa bar is essential to any fiesta… and always seems to become the center of the room when there is guacamole involved!  I picked up three kinds of salsa, fresh chips, and guacamole at my favorite Mexican restaurant and filled colorful bowls.  I had the bright place mats from a recent trip to Mexico and the red plastic table cover left over from Christmas.  The mini maracas are from Oriental Trade, recycled from another fiesta party.  For the chips in the center, I used a pink basket from the dollar bin at Target and added a few pieces of natural brown tissue paper to help absorb some of the grease from the warm, fresh chips.  You could use any colorful containers you have on hand.


PicMonkey CollageDrinks

Jarritos (Mexican sodas) from Shoppers and raspberry and mandarin orange Vintage seltzer water.  I love that the blue vintage cans had polka dots to match the pink polka dot paper straws and napkins.



I placed colorful sombreros around the room on chairs, filling the dual purpose of decorations and fun party picture accessories.  The boys helped me hang some fiesta bunting and pom poms before the guests arrived.

PicMonkey CollageSombreros

We also played two games: “Baby Shower Price Is Right” and “Guess How Many Diapers.”

PicMonkey CollagePriceRight

IMG_2595how many

For the winners, I wrapped up (clear cello and pink polka dot ribbon) cute bottles of OPI “It’s A Girl!” pink nail polish.  (There was also one for H, the guest of honor).  Everyone else snacked on pink “It’s A Girl!” Hershey kisses.

PicMonkey Collageprizes

Since H worked at a hair salon in London, we also made hair accessories for Baby S. The girls had so much fun getting creative with glue guns, ribbon, buttons, and hair elastic.  H went home with an armful of cute hair bands, bows, and clips for Baby S made with love.

PicMonkey Collagehairbands

Then we opened gifts.  I think sometimes gift opening can drag on at showers, so the giver of each gift said something nice about “why H would be a great mom.”  This gave H a little pep talk and reminded her how fantastic she is.

IMG_2659H gifts


Since it is still winter after all, Mexican hot chocolate was my first thought for a cold weather fiesta favor.  Hot chocolate cones are an inexpensive and super easy take-home treat.  Here’s what you need to make 25 hot chocolate cones:

  • 50 clear cone shaped cello bags (Hobby Lobby, $1.99)
  • Small, clear hair elastics
  • Ribbon, twisty ties, or string– whatever best fits with your event theme
  • Toppings — sprinkles, mini marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, M&Ms… anything you like!  I used mini marshmallows and sprinkles.
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Stickers or favor tags.  I ordered personalized event stickers online, but you could also easily make your own or use a sticker.PicMonkey CollageCones

Just fill the cone cello bags (be sure to use two bags per cone to prevent leaks) about two-thirds full with hot chocolate powder.  Then add marshmallows and sprinkles.  Tie off the bags with a small, clear hair elastic.  Tie the ribbon over the elastic and add your sticker or favor tag.  Fast, easy, cute, and delicious!


Group photo


S came by after the shower was over for a quick picture with H.  We can’t wait to meet Baby Olivia!


Enchanted Mommy’s Easter Crafts

Below, I’m linking to three Easter crafts and two yummy treats. Easter is right around the corner (March 31), so live it up before it gets here!


Easter Bunny Cup Craft – So adorable!

I just think this craft is so adorable.  It would even make a great party favor with some candy in it!


This is made out of a paper plate, cotton balls, pipe stems, construction paper and googley eyes.

This is made out of a paper plate, cotton balls, pipe stems, construction paper and googley eyes.

Check out this Bunny craft!



Such a delicious and adorable Easter dessert!

Click here to find out how to make this yummy popcorn cake!


Learning words with Easter eggs!

Learning words with Easter eggs!

This is such a fun way for kids to learn words that rhyme and how to sound out different words!  Check it out!


Easter Egg "Nests"

Yummy Easter Egg “Nests”

Look at these adorable little nests for candy eggs!



Easter Puppet!

I just posted this two weeks ago, but it’s a good chance to pull out all those craft supplies!

It’s amazing how quickly the holidays come and go the older you get.  I feel like I get so caught up in time (and possibly the fact that I’m 29 weeks pregnant) that I forget to do things with my kids.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Christmas Craft Party

One of my friends (I spent 6 college years with her) invited us to a Christmas craft party!  It was so much fun for the kids.  Ella was so excited for it and couldn’t wait to go.  She had food and four fun crafts for the kids to do.  The food was absolutely adorable and the crafts were at the perfect level for the kids.  This post may be picture overload, but it’s the best way for me to show all the effort and creative thinking!  I took my snowman cupcakes that I just posted about as a little dessert for the kids.

We got there and I admired the food and even the juice boxes.

Three pizzas looking like a snowman.

Even the juice boxes were decorated:

Rudolph juice boxes.

Check out these cute snowmen!

Powdered donuts on a stick!

Ella loved them, can you tell?!

My munchkin loving the powdered donut snowman.

The four crafts included:

Making reindeer dust so the they can find your house.

The bag the reindeer dust went in.

In the bag they put:

Oats “Carbs Do A Body Good”

Flour “Flying Powder”

Raisins “So The Reindeer Can Poop”

Gitter “Star Dust”

Fry Chips “Energy Boost”

Then, we went and made a bird feeder:

Roll a pine cone in peanut butter and then roll in bird seed. Perfect little bird feeder.

Next, we did a letter to Santa:

Letter to Santa.

Lastly, we made a gum drop snowflake using toothpicks and gumdrops.

Snowflake made out of gumdrops!

The best part of all…… SANTA showed up!

Even a cool Santa arrived!

It was definitely a cool party.  Thanks Catherine!!!  Maybe one year I’ll get around to doing one!


Cake Decorating Basics: A Review of Michaels Level 1 Decorating Class

I have been trying to take this decorating class at Michaels for years now and have never come up with time to do it.  I finally decided that I would do the class whether I had time or not!  It is a 2 hr class that is once a week for four weeks.  I had to arrange rides for my son to basketball practice, get babysitters when the hubby was out of town… but all the hassle was worth it.  I loved it.

I am planning on taking the level 2 course next month.  I feel like I really learned a lot of good techniques and tricks that will help me in making my own cakes.  I don’t plan on becoming a professional, but I do love making my kids birthday cakes myself.  I find it really makes the birthday feel more special!  Here are some of the things we did in class…

This is called a “Shaggy Mum.” It is made using tip 233.


These are called “Rosette” flowers. They are made using tip 18.


Filling your cupcakes with pudding or anything else is simple using tip 230.


The yellow flower on the top is called a “drop” flower. It is made using tip 2D. The big flower on the bottom was made using tip 12.


This the start of a “pompom” flower. Use tip 12 to make a round circular base. Then tip 16 to put pipe the cluster in the center (the dark blue).


This is the completed “pompom” flower. Use tip 18 to pipe rows of pulled out starrs around the circle base. Start at the bottom and work your way around the circle base and repeat for each layer until you can no longer see the base.

First we practiced on a given practice sheet. These are drop flowers and rosette flowers.


These are shells and leaves. The shells are made with tip 21 and the leaves are made with tip 352.

My final cake. We practiced handwriting.

We also learned the best way to frost a cake, how to cut the cake to make it flat, and how to fill a cake with pudding or fruit.  Sorry I didn’t take pictures of this.  We also learned how to make a gorgeous “Ribbon Rose.”  Sadly I have no pictures of those either, but take my word for it they are beautiful!

I can’t wait to take the level 2 class.  I will post on that when I complete it.  For now, It is official… I am a certified level 1 decorator.


Here are some of the cakes I did before taking this course.  Can’t wait to see the improvement on my future birthday cakes!

Superman Cake
Lion King Cake
Monster Cupcakes
Number 3 Birthday Cake
Rainbow Cupcakes
Giant Cupcake 

Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It is my favorite time of year and I am loving spending it in beautiful Florida this year!  The weather is warm and beautiful and makes us all smile!

This year we did our first Turkey Trot 5k.  It is one of our goals to be more active as a family.  Today we ran with my big sister and 1st grade niece.  We have also signed up our 7 year old to run in his first 5k in Miami in February!  He is really excited to get to race with us next time and has committed to practice and train with us for his race.

Here we are in all our glory! So glad we are running this in Florida with out our sweats and ear warmers!

I wanted to give a shout out to my big sis for her example of getting her family (and mine!) up and out to do fun and active things!  She has a new blog that has so many ideas on how to get your family outside and involved in projects together.  It is really a pretty awesome and inspiring thing she has going.  Check it out at www.littleyellowshack.com

My beautiful sister and niece getting ready for the race! They are so cool and ran in their five finger shoes!

She even has us signed up for paddle boarding next month!  It is never to late to make a change in your life and make being active together as a family your lifestyle!

I am especially thankful this year to see measurable progress on our goals from where we were last year at this time!  Physically, spiritually, temporally, and financially we have been able to progress and accomplish our family and personal goals!  We love each other and have great blessings for fighting through the difficult times together.  From paying off the car loan this year to transforming our life into a more active lifestyle we have really made some great changes this year!

I am also thankful for our church for pushing us to set family goals in all of these area at the beginning of this year and pushing us meet them.  I love inspiration like that!

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!!!!


Witch Hat Cookies!

Looking for a quick and cute Halloween snack for the kiddos?  Try these witch hats!  They take seconds to make and are adorable.  I am bringing these to my son’s school Halloween party tomorrow.

I go the idea off pinterest like everything else.  Ha!

All you need are some Hershey kisses, Keebler Fudge Striped Cookies, and frosting.  I am sure it would look better with Halloween Orange frosting, but hey it is 930pm the night before Halloween and I am just throwing this together.  Last minute planners miss out!  I blame it on tonights soccer game… which we sadly lost 5 to 1.

Color Me Mine… so much fun!

We had so much fun at Color Me Mine.  I had always thought it looked fun, but am cheap frugal.  While we were out visiting grandparents they wanted to take the boys to make their own cups to have at their house.

What fun we had!  The boys loved it!  It was even fun for my two year old.  Was it Pricey?  A bit.  We paid $12 for each cup.  They also have a sitting fee, but luckily we went when they were having a buy one get one free special.

So basically you show up, no appointment necessary and pick an item to paint.  They have all kinds of stuff from cups and mugs to cute little animals and cars.  Then you get a paint tray and put the colors you want on them (there are hundreds to choose from).

You finish painting and just leave it right on the table.  No clean up necessary (my favorite part!).  It takes about a week for them to put in their ovens and finish it up, but they really turned out great.  Very good quality.

I really want to go back and paint a cute lizard to put on my back patio.  So fun!

Anyway, if you have been thinking of doing this you should give it a try.  We had a great time.  I would definitely call ahead and try to go when they are having specials.




Preschool: Introducing the Letter A

Ella and I had a great time learning the letter A!  She loves all the crafts that come along with the learning.

The first thing we did was take A-pple Jacks and create an A.

Creating an "A" from apple jacks

Used Apple Jacks to create an A.

Next, was my favorite part!  We created an alligator “A” that I learned from this cute blog!  All you need is green, white and another color paper and some googly eyes.  That’s it!

learning the letter A

Our alligator "A"

Here she is working on it!

Learning the letter A

Ella working on her alligator.

Next, Ella did a great job practicing writing the letter A on her aquadoodle.  I think EVERY kid needs one of these.  They never get old.  Here is the one we have.

Learning the letter A

Using her A-quadoodle to make an A.

Lastly, we read Aladdin!  She loved it!

We read Aladdin.

It was a great day and we had an awesome time!!

Check out how we taught our kids all the other letters!

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Washing A Car = A Fun Hot Day Activity

It seems like three little kiddies hop around between houses on my street.  One of them happens to be my three year old that two sweet five year olds include {insert my heart melting here}.  There is only so much “basement” fun you can have.  Well, one fun activity the neighbor had for them was to wash her car!  The car may have still been dirty when they finished, but they at least had fun doing it!

3 year old washing a car

She was loving life!

filling the bucket

This seriously made her day!

fun summer activity

Washing the car. She loved the hose!

washing a car

It was still dirty when they finished, but they had fun!

I will say that it was more fun for Ella doing it with other kids.  It also seemed to make my life a little easier!  I highly recommend a neighborhood for your little ones.  I know we love ours!


Preschool: Introducing The Letter D

Even though Ella was a little under the weather today, she still had a lot of fun learning the letter “D.”  You say craft and that girl comes running with bells on!  Here are a few cute things we did.

First we started by making a letter D and turning it into a dinosaur.

Here’s the beginning:

Learning the letter D.

….and the end!

Ella's dinosaur "D". This was REALLY easy. Just cut out a letter D, five triangles, tail, neck, head and legs. Put a googly eye on and you're golden!

Then, we added the “D” card to her flash card “completed” pile!  These flashcards have really come in handy!  You can order them here.  I’ve found that they are really helpful and I make learning her letters into a game!

d flashcard

D flashcard

Recently, we attended a wedding with a D-olphin show.  The girls didn’t go with us, so we took a video for them!  Here is the video she got to watch.

Lastly we took the D-og for a walk.

girl walking dog

Ella walking the dog.

By the end of the night, she could tell us what “D” sounded like and several things that started with “D.”  She even came up with d-octor on her own.  Kids just love it when you spend time with them and love crafts.


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