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Another Cute Bunny Craft!

Do you remember my previous bunny craft?  Here is another cute bunny idea!  Thank you pinterest!  The actual blog is here.  Check it out!

bunny craft

Cute bunny!

My daughter begs for crafts, so I have to get creative (or look on pinterest).  I found this craft and had everything we needed.  Here is what I used (a little different than what was in the link):

  • paper plate (I cut the outside ring off.  The other site calls for large white card stock).
  • three pipe cleaners (two black one pink)
  • cotton balls
  • 2 larger googly eyes
  • white construction paper
  • pink construction paper
  • glue
  • 3 pink pom poms
This is another pretty self explanatory craft.  It’s also a lot of fun for a two year old.  Here she is:
easter craft making

She loves crafts!

She’s so proud!

bunny craft

Happy of her work!

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