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Fun Handprint and Footprint Quick Halloween Project

Got 20 minutes?  I’ve been searching around to find some fun Halloween crafts for my 2 year old.  This was perfect for her attention span and it is something great for me to keep and do every year for memories!

Halloween Foot Print Ghost

Here is Ella’s Footprint Ghosts!


Spider handprints

Both Handprints for Spider

Supplies Needed:

Supplies for Halloween Handprint and Footprint project

Paper towels, black paint, white paint, 2 big brushes, 2 little brushes, two pieces of contruction paper (you can choose colors)

  • Paper Towels: I wet like 5 of them to clean off paint from hand and foot right away
  • Black Paint: used for handprint spider, ghosts eyes and mouths and for spider eyes
  • White Paint: used for ghosts footprints and spider eyes
  • Two big paintbrushes: used to paint feet and hands
  • Two small paintbrushes: used to paint eyes and mouths
  • Two pieces of construction paper: used for base

Ghosts Directions

Paint feet white with brush

white foot for ghost

Ella’s foot painted white

Put foot directly on construction paper, repeat with other foot.

ghost footprints

Here is the base of your ghosts

Paint Eyes and Mouth on your Ghosts (I also put Ella’s name and year on it, for memory sake) and you’re done!

Spider Directions

Paint hand black minus the thumb

hand black for spider

Ella’s hand painted black minus her thumb

Put one hand on the paper and clean hand
Paint other hand and do it the opposite way

Handprint black spider

Ella’s handprint spider before eyes

Paint white circles with black dots in them.

You’re done!!  Such an easy and fun project!!




Learning the letter B

Keeping kids busy…  what a task.  I have three little boys that are better known as my three little monkeys.  I recently joined a co-op preschool program with a few other mommies in the area.  This basically means that we trade off who hosts and teaches all the children while the kids move from house to house based on whose turn it is to teach.  It was my turn to teach this week and we did a lot of fun things that I thought were easy and interesting enough to mention.

We did a great sorting activity with random stickers and foam pieces I had around the house.  The kids loved it!  Each one got a milk carton to themselves.  Then I had them sort all of the objects on the table based on color.  They ate it up.  After this we sorted objects by type (animal, shape, flowers, etc..) and then by size.  Great activity!  Kept the kids happy and busy while they learned a basic math less on classification and sorting.  Great activity for fine motor development as well!

We also went on a “B” hunt searching and collecting all the objects we could find around the house that start with the letter B.  The kids loved this and got to show the group what they found and sound it out exaggerating the B sound at the beginning.  We ended up with a great collection!
I have to say though, the kids had the most fun throwing the beach ball at the letter B we taped up.  Something about being allowed to throw things really got them excited and not just the boys. The girls loved it to!  They cheered each other on and clapped when one of them hit the letter.  It was a great activity to help them memorize the letter B, increase gross motor skills, and improve hand-eye coordination.

We also made Hand print butterflies!  So cute and so much fun!  This is a great sensory activity to do with the kids!