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Ella’s 3rd Princess Pancake and Pajama Party

I know I’ve mentioned a million times how much I love throwing birthday parties for my girls.  This one was no exception at all!  It was so much fun!!!  In the planning process, I wanted to have a party that wouldn’t take up everyone’s Saturday or a time that would conflict with naps.  So, I had it at 9 am.  This gave me the idea to have the kids come in their pajamas and serve pancakes.  From there, her theme quickly became a Princess Pancake and Pajama Party!  I will explain how the party went because I used to be a PE teacher and I know that organized chaos is fine, but still every minute needs to be accounted for.  So, here we go!

9-9:15: People arrived and all of them had a pillowcase with their name on it (I just used puffy paint) and they were able to color on it with fabric markers!  Here are a couple of pictures of them working on their pillowcases!  I also had a banana sitting with their pillowcase just in case they came ready to eat right off.

decorating pillowcases

My mom helping Ella with her pillowcase!

Jamie's sons, Tyson and Andy decorating their pillowcases!

9:15-9:35: Everyone ate!  For the kids, we had pancakes, watermelon, bacon and juice boxes.  For the adults, I set up a refreshment table of muffins, donuts, fruit platter, juice, coffee and water.

pancake party

Look at all those yummy pancakes!

Here is a pic of the refreshment table minus the coffee:

feed the adults at your party

Refreshment Table

From about 9:35-10:05 I gave them free time with stations.  We had quite a few stations such as:

My husband making balloons:

balloon artist

My husband making a flower.

He made Ella a tiger.

Bounce house:

bounce house at birthday party

Bounce house fun!

Swing set fun:

Fun on the slide!

costco swing set

Loving the swings!

Coloring masks {I bought these from Michael’s 6 for $2}.

coloring masks

Coloring masks at the party!

perfect 3rd birthday

Ella swinging with her mask on!

(and finally) Making cereal necklaces {just buy fruit loops and apple jacks and some string, wahlaaaa}:

cereal necklace

Making cereal necklaces!

Those things really kept them busy for the 30 minutes they had to play!

10:05: We did a pillowcase race.  It was a little muddy out, so I used the extra pillowcases I had and let them race in those so they wouldn’t get theirs dirty!  This was so incredibly cute.  Pillowcases are the perfect sac for 3-5 year olds!

pillowcase party race

Pillowcase race!

10:20: Picture in front of the princesses!

princess party

Party guests and me! I wanted Anna in the pic, so I had to be too!

Picture in front of princesses

Our family!

10:30-10:45: Pinata!  The kids were SO well behaved and all waited their turn.  I let Ella go first and then the rest lined up shortest to tallest (kind of went along with their ages).  They had so much fun!


Ella swinging at her pinata.

10:45: Cookie cake and cupcakes!  I bought a cookie cake from Sam’s Club, so cheap and SO delicious and I also made red velvet cupcakes.  I did both because we had about 35 people there and I wanted to make sure there was enough.

Princess Cookie Cake - Sam's Club $15

red velvet princess cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

This lasted until 11 and then everyone went home!  It was an incredible party and I spent WAY less than if we went somewhere to have it done.  A special thanks goes out to all of my “helpers”.  It wouldn’t have gone as smoothly, yes note to you, get lots of help!  Be creative!

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