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What to Expect During a C-Section

I’d have to say that I’m part pro at the whole c-section procedure.  I mean I did it three times in less than four years.  None of them were really planned per say.  I mean they said for sure that I had to have one the third time around, but it ended up happening way sooner […]

A Great Way To Take Someone Dinner

I just had my third kid. Third girl in less than four years. Third csection too. Enough said right?! I honestly think people feel sorry for me. We were doing our newborn shoot last weekend and this lady asked me “are all three yours?” I said “yes” and her response was “Looooord, you’ve got your […]

A Simple 2 Year Old Birthday

Remember how I had my kitchen redone?  Well, I planned to have my 2 year old’s party the day that it finished and not because it was supposed to finish that day.  Because of this, I only had family at the party.  Believe it or not, the plumber was there until 10:30 and that party […]

Costco or Sam’s Club – Maybe This Will Help You Decide

I’m going to compare/review the two most popular wholesale clubs for you! Right now I have memberships to both places (after switching to Costco and then also wanting my Sam’s back) and I think I can give you some advice on where to join (cause let’s face it, the memberships aren’t that cheap) depending on […]

Mother’s Day Gifts – What Your Mom Or Wife Will Love

Maybe I’m writing this as a “hint” to my husband.  Well, maybe just the ones that I don’t have on this list.  I’m a stay at home mom and I believe that all of these will be of great use to any mom. 1.  My most favorite gift ever is my keurig.  I seriously don’t […]

Handling Life While Remodeling A Kitchen

We bought a short sale.  Should be enough said, right?!  I think some people get magically lucky with short sales and don’t have to put a lot of time, effort and money into them.  Well, we weren’t that lucky.  We did get an amazing deal on the house considering the comps, but we’ve had to […]

5 Tried And True Paleo Friendly Meals

I bet you’re all thinking you wish I would make up my dang mind.  I go from sweets to South Beach friendly meals to Paleo/Primal style posts. The overall truth is that I feel like I gained a crap ton of weight with my last child and I did not (quote DID NOT) want to […]

Enchanted Mommy’s Easter Crafts

Below, I’m linking to three Easter crafts and two yummy treats. Easter is right around the corner (March 31), so live it up before it gets here! I just think this craft is so adorable.  It would even make a great party favor with some candy in it!   Check out this Bunny craft!   […]

A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

The moms that don’t stay at  home might not ever want to after reading this. Here’s how my day went today.  It usually goes at this pace pretty much every day.  I hope I don’t scare anyone away from having kids! 7:45: Wake up courtesy of my 3 year old…. Before you judge me, wait […]

An Easter Craft – Bunny Puppet Made Out Of A Paper Bag

Winter can seriously peace out.  I’M OVER IT!!!!  While being stuck in the house today, my 3 year old and I made this cute bunny that I found here: All you need is: Plus, you’ll need some scissors and a hot glue gun.  So simple to make, yet so adorable! After this, I just got […]