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Handling Life While Remodeling A Kitchen

We bought a short sale.  Should be enough said, right?!  I think some people get magically lucky with short sales and don’t have to put a lot of time, effort and money into them.  Well, we weren’t that lucky.  We did get an amazing deal on the house considering the comps, but we’ve had to do so much to it.  Now, we are remodeling the kitchen.  There is something about the 80s and their love for soffits, big lights, short cabinets and the most narrow and shallow drawers.  SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!  For a year, we put a band-aid on it and removed the wall paper, painted, and changed the knobs.  Here’s the original before we moved in:

Pretty heinous... huh?!

Pretty heinous… huh?!

Get the full view of the kitchen before we moved in (previous owners stuff).

Get the full view of the kitchen before we moved in (previous owners stuff).

I must have seen a crazy amount of potential.  Stay tuned for an update of our final hoorah which should be completed this Friday after 3 long, awful, miserable weeks of a completely nonfunctional kitchen.  So, I’m writing this post on some survival tips.

1.  Skip town for a bit if you can.  The girls and I skipped town for the 1st week and went to visit my parents.  Luckily it was Ella’s spring break at school so she didn’t miss any.  Husband stayed home to be with the workers cause he’s so awesome.

2.  Prepare a lot of meals before it happens.  The only appliance we have been able to use is the microwave.  We made like 4 meals to last us almost a full week beforehand.

3.  Buy lots of paper products.  We have small sinks and bath tubs to wash dishes in right now.  Paper products are my best friend.

4.  Find eating out deals.  We are trying our hardest to eat in as much as possible, but every other to every three days we’ve been eating a meal out.  I think it’s partially for my sanity to get out of the house.  Tonight we went to 50 cent wing night at our wing factory.

5.  Sandwiches have to become a favorite.  I have to admit that I’ve have a crazy amount of PB and J sandwiches these past couple of weeks.  They are easy and filling.

6.  Plan your remodel around your type of cooking.  Whether you like to grill or cook in the crock pot, that can help determine when you should remodel your kitchen.

7.  Get out of the house!  I’ve been begging people to hang out with me… Ha.  Please, help me get away from the 2 inches of dust all over my house.

8.  Be realistic with yourself.  Know that this is short term and that you will have a new, beautiful kitchen!

Lastly, maybe you shouldn’t do it when you’re 32 weeks pregnant like me, ha.  Happy remodel!

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