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5 Tried And True Paleo Friendly Meals

I bet you’re all thinking you wish I would make up my dang mind.  I go from sweets to South Beach friendly meals to Paleo/Primal style posts. The overall truth is that I feel like I gained a crap ton of weight with my last child and I did not (quote DID NOT) want to do it again this time.  So (not tooting my horn), this time I’ve got it under control.  Of course I don’t eat perfect, but I’m also not eating McDonalds every time I pass by it like my last pregnancy nor have my feet swelled up this time around.  I also have another friend who had some issues (preclampsia for one) with her last pregnancy and this time she’s golden because she’s also eating more Paleoish.  So because of my diet plan this time, I haven’t gained that crap ton of weight and I feel like I have more energy for my other two kids.

For this post, I’m linking up to some meals and a snack that I’ve tried and that are delicious alternatives to the fatty ways of life.

1.  Mustard Lime Chicken


Click on the link above to get the delicious recipe.  Seriously to.die.for.  We served it with cauliflower mash and parmesan roasted broccoli.  Seriously how can you miss french fries when you have this.


2.  Taco Stuffed Poblano Peppers


These were also amazing.  My friend posted a pic of hers on instagram and I immediately started drooling.  She told me that when she made them she boiled the peppers while she was prepping everything else.  I think that was a good idea so they wouldn’t snap when you tried to cut them.  We also added some texas pete.  Yummmmmmmm.

3.  Dark Chocolate Chunk


Okay, need I say more?!  Well, we do add as many nuts as possible and load up on the natural coconut flakes.  So good.  Oh yeah, did you know that Costco has coconut oil??  You can get a huge container for 15 something.  Good deal.

4. Bison Spaghetti

Spaghetti Squash

This was seriously yum.  We have the Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Cook Book (totally worth EVERY penny).  We made this from there.  We actually used regular ground beef since we have half a cow (literally).  Very yum!

5.  Fish Tacos With Citrus Dressing


I thought I would hate these.  But, no.  They were so tasty and delish.  The sauce made it to die for.  We actually used salmon because we already had it on hand.  Oh my goodness.  You won’t regret.


These are just some of my favs.  They really are so delicious and you won’t even think about the crap you used to eat.  I promise.  Do you have any favs?  Please share!!!



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