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Mother’s Day Gifts – What Your Mom Or Wife Will Love

Maybe I’m writing this as a “hint” to my husband.  Well, maybe just the ones that I don’t have on this list.  I’m a stay at home mom and I believe that all of these will be of great use to any mom.

1.  My most favorite gift ever is my keurig.  I seriously don’t know what I would do without it anymore.  My coffee is ready in less than a minute.  If you go with this, my husband recently got me for Valentine’s Day these clear glass coffee mugs.  LOVE THEM!  And, of course you could go for k-cups or a refillable filter also.


2.  A nice thoughtful gift would be a big pot with lots of plants in it.  I guess you would know your mom or wife and think if she would like a lot of annuals put together or even a pot of herbs.  These are both so pretty and will for sure make your mom or wife smile!  I recently saw that Costco had big pots already filled for you!

herb garden

3.  I’m keeping it real by saying this, but I would LOVE a nice sweatsuit.  Of course, once again, you would know you wife or mom’s style and brand of choice, but you can feel cute in a stylish sweatsuit too right?!  The real reason I want one is for the hospital after delivery.  Comfy.

vs hoodie

4.  My husband got me these body butters and bath gel also for Valentines Day and I cannot express how much I LOVVVVE them!


5.   Tom’s!  Right now, Tom’s are a big fad and the best part about them is that they are comfortable and serve a good cause.  I just linked to the one’s that I’m in love with, but those might not be everyone’s style of choice.


6. Birchbox.  Husband got me this subscription for Christmas and it feels like Christmas every month when I receive my sample of beauty products.  Basically, that’s what it is.  You get a small package of 5 or so samples of beauty items and you get to try them out and of course you can buy them if you fall so in love.  Such a fun surprise each month!


7.  You can never go wrong with jewelry.  If you’re feeling especially generous, go for a simple piece of Tiffany’s jewelry and if that isn’t in the budget, any cute and trendy jewelry item will work.  Etsy has some adorable handmade Mother’s Day gifts!


8.  Picture canvas or other picture ideas.  Mamas just love pics of their babies, young or old (usually they love their pets too)!


9.  Another thoughtful gift is a stepping stone.  Mom’s and Grandma’s will cherish this forever!  Click on the link and it will give you step by step instructions!


10.  Gift cards.  What woman doesn’t love a good gift card?  Just try getting it somewhere that they like to spend their money.  OR, another option would be to get your wifey a house cleaner for a week.  I remember my friend’s husband gave her a new purse with a wallet in it that had 3 or 4 random gift cards.  One was a restaurant gift card that he told her to take a friend with her to spend.  Talk about awesome!  I recently got this wristlet from Thirty-One that I love.  Perfect little stuffer for gift cards and it can hold your cell phone and lots of credit cards and ID!  Some ideas of gift cards include massages, nails, hair, or her favorite clothing stores.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th!  Let’s not forget our Mom’s and Wifey’s on this day.  It’s always extra special to add a nice and thoughtful card too!

Feel free to leave other ideas in the comment section for people to read and help them out!


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