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Making Cowboys out of City Boys!

This summer we have set off on an adventure!  First we drove across the country in our mini-van… no joke.  Three boys, me and the hubby, and our dog Koda.  We started in Northern Virginia (Washington DC area) and ended in Utah.  The kids did great in the car and we had a good time being silly, watching movies, and singing songs!

We made it to Utah on day 3.  Heber City, Utah to be exact.  When we arrived, Grandpa took the boys to pick out their own cowboy hats to wear around the ranch all summer! The boys had so much fun trying on hats!

Afterward we got a lot of really good cowboy pics around the ranch!  Here are a few of my favorites…

This little guy continues to be such a ham long after the other boys are sick of me taking pics of them.

We love this one of our two year old because it captures the essence of his grouchy personality.

More posts to come on how the teach these city boys from the DC area how to work on a ranch!  We will be staying here for several weeks then will be off to Florida… another long drive back across the country!


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