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Cowboy Lesson 1: Learn to Shoot and Climb a Tractor!


We are having a blast out here in Utah visiting all the family we have.  We have mostly been staying in Heber City with my in-laws where they boys get to help Grandpa with the horses, grandma with the gardening, and help with chores around the property.  It has been really good for the kids and they have had a lot of fun as well.

They are really working hard on becoming REAL cowboys!  First they got their hats so they would look official and now they are working on some cowboy adventures!

I took them to their Great Grandfather’s Ranch in Coalville, Utah this week.  He has a beautiful cabin in the mountains surrounded by  his 320 acres of hills and pastures.  So fun!  He taught Casey how to shoot (just a BB gun… he’s only 7yrs old after all).

They used some soda cans as targets and had a great time!  Casey never hit his target, but he loved it anyway!

Great Grandpa showing him how it's done! He hit the target right away!


Showing Casey how to work the gun.


Here he goes!


Happy with almost success... he missed, but a gust of wind came and blew the can they were shooting at on the ground. Casey thinks that should count as a hit.

The younger boys didn’t get to learn to shoot, but they did have a blast climbing the big hill next the the cabin, falling in the muddy creek (pronounced crick in these parts) and climbing all over the old tractor.

I got a lot of practice with my camera… my two year old now hides his face the moment he sees me pull out my camera.  The little stink!  I have to be quick with him!

Tyson thinks he is the man up on that tractor.


One of the few pics of Andy I could get!


Andy loved helping close the gates to keep the cows in the right pasture. I was sneaky and took this pic with my 300mm lens while standing really far away on the porch of the cabin.


The boys with their Great Grandpa. This will forever be a cherished memory of mine. Notice Andy eating a cookie... it was the only way I could convince him to be in the picture!


It wasn't all cowboy stuff... Great Grandpa also drove them all around his property on his ATV. The boys sure think he is a pretty cool Grandpa! Great Grandpa, who is now 83 years old is still A LOT of fun!!!



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