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The Last Cowboy Lesson: Learn to Ride and Fish!

How can you be a cowboy if you can’t ride and fish?  Before we could leave Utah the kids had to have their fun fishing and riding horses.

It has been an amazing summer… so much so that I am sad to see it end.  The boys made such great memories.  It was really fun to do something different and a bit more meaningful this time around.

Don’t get me wrong… we love the beach (in fact we just moved to be closer to it), but having the boys work on the farm, ride horses, fish, shoot a gun on the ranch, and learn about their ancestors was a great change of pace this year.

Here’s to making memories!!!

Gorgeous view huh! Have I mentioned how beautiful it is in Utah???

Gorgeous reflection of the clouds on the water in this one.


Not many memories better than this...

So I admit the little one had more fun chasing ducks around than fishing!


Casey and his cousins with their catches for the day.


And now for the horses… we are just glad Aunt Christy doesn’t mine showing the boys around a horse!  Thanks Aunt Christy!

This little guy cried when his turn was over!

Tyson's turn!


He is such a ham up there! Riding like a professional!


Casey is getting too cool for me and my camera...

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