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Bumbo Chair Recall Updates

A recent stop at my local thrift store scored me a brand new looking baby bumbo seat for $3.  I am stoked!

The bumbo seat retails for $40 to $45 and $50 if you buy one with the attachable tray.  Clearly the Salvation Army had no idea what this bumbo chair was or they would have priced it higher.  In the check out line the cashier actually asked, “What in the world is this???”

Bumbo Play Tray - Ivory _ Target

Anyway, this bumbo did not come with the new saftey belt bumbo added (along with the safety warning sticker) from the 2012 recall.

Just in case you have a bumbo that was bought between 2003 and 2012, you should know you can go to this link and fill out a form to have them ship the safety belt to you.  It was super easy to do and my belt came in 2 weeks.  It is very easy to install and takes only a couple minutes.

Here is my kit!  It arrived in less than two weeks!

Here is my kit! It arrived in less than two weeks!

My new seat belt!

My new safety belt!

My kit came with this warning sticker for the back as well.

My kit came with this warning sticker for the back as well.


This belt works great!  Snug as a bug!

This belt works great! Snug as a bug!

I Did It – I signed Up For Stitch Fix

What is Stitch Fix?

Basically, it is an online clothing design service.  You fill out answers to several questions about your clothing styles.  They picture some outfits and you rate them (this gives them an idea of your style).  You pay at $20 design fee that can be put towards your clothing/accessory purchase.  They send you five items and if you keep all five, then you get a 25% discount on the whole order.  From what I’ve read, the clothing is average price and you can even fill out the price range you like/usually spend.

So, I did it.  I caved and signed up for Stitch Fix.  Here’s why:

  • I’m a mom of three kids four and under.
  • My kids go nuts in malls so I can’t try anything on.
  • I love getting fun packages in the mail.
  • I stay at home and my sweatpants need to be put on the shelf when I leave the house.
  • I’m over 30.  Eek.
  • I’ve read great things about Stitch Fix and one of my friends constantly rants and raves.
  • I have zero style.
  • I have zero style.
  • and…. I have zero style.

I’m.so.excited.  I will definitely post pics of my first delivery on February 22nd.

Check it out!


Christmas Is Soon – Kids Favorite Toys

Hurryyyyyyy, Christmas is in like 15 days.  I cannot believe it.  I’ve been ordering like a champ through Amazon prime (free 2 day shipping).  I’m going to save your life and do your kids shopping for you in 5 minutes  list my 4 and 2 year olds favorite toys that we have.  They pretty much play with all the same toys together (one joy of having kids close together in age).  I will rank them in order of usage.

1.  Bounce House
That is the exact one that we have in our basement and my kids use it every single day and have for over 2 years.  Did you read that?  Every.Single.Day.  We set it up in our basement.  It’s awesome because we change it out with our ping pong table.  It folds up real easy too.  We also use it for all of our kids’ bday parties.  Right now it is $199 through amazon.  GREAT deal.  This is an awesome shared gift for your kids.


2.  Magna-Tiles
These are one of my favorite interactive and learning toys.  My kids play them with each other, by themselves, and with us.  I think my favorite thing about these is that they get used SO much and take up such little space.  They really are worth every penny.  If you get these, make sure you get the 100 piece set, the 32 piece set can’t build as cool of things.

Check out Jamie’s review of them here.

3.  Glider Bike
‘m a big fan of these.  My 4 year old can practically ride her bike without training wheels now because of this exact bike!

4.  Doctor Set
For some reason, my girls are obsessed with this exact doctor kit.  They have a few kits, but this one came with the bag.  It’s pretty cheap too!  I like it too because it makes them a lot less afraid of going to the doctor.  My girls also have this doctor dress-up.

5.  Tea Set
Let girls be girls, right?!  They can sit down and play tea for hours.

6. Play Doh Stuff
 My girls really love play doh.  These are also great for stockings!

7.  Dress-Up
This set is cute because you can match up different outfits for each princess!

8.  Stamp Set
For some reason kids LOVE stamps.  Last year, it was the only thing my 4 year old asked for from Santa.

9.  Board games
I saw that Wal-Mart dot com had a lot of kids board games on sale for $5.  My 4 year old loves Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Sorry.

10.  Puzzles
Both of my girls LOVE puzzles.  I actually ordered my 2 year old the one I linked to above for Christmas.  Very educational too!


Okay, those are my top 10!  There Santa, click away and in 10 minutes be done with your shopping and focus on spending fun, quality time with your kids.  Merry Christmas!


How To Keep A Popsicle From Leaking Everywhere

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. Three kids is no joke.  A fun no joke.

I have a quick post of an idea my husband had because my 2 and 4 year old ALWAYS leak popsicles all over themselves and their clothes AND they become a sticky mess.  Here’s his genius idea:


He took a cupcake wrapper and put it on the stick to help with the leaking everywhere!

Yeah, he’s kind of smart.

How to Remove Paint from Brick

So I had a major accident in the driveway after one of my painting projects.  Danny was out of town and I was trying to finish a project in the garage during random snippets of time that I could occupy the kiddos elsewhere.  Of course I was rushing…

I spilled a big puddle of oil based primer right on our new brick pavers in the driveway.  So sad.  I googled and googled and all the ehow’s and the ask.com’s said it was impossible to completely remove.  They said to try paint stripper, but that it probably wouldn’t work and would just damage the brick.  Other’s suggested power washing or sand blasting.

This is what it looked like after using three coats of paint stripper. Paint stripper did close to nothing.

This is what it looked like after using three coats of paint stripper. Paint stripper did close to nothing.

I was desperate to clean it and tried scrubbing with the paint stripper three different times.  Nothing.  I kept scouring the internet and everything I read talked about the stone being too porous.

Finally I found a random comment on a post along ways down on some website saying that he had used plain distilled vinegar to get the paint residue off from in between the bricks of his fireplace.  I had vinegar on hand so I figured I might as well give it a try.

He was right!  I basically poured the vinegar into a bucket, soaked it up with steel wool and scrubbed with some rubber gloves on.  A good 20 minutes of scrubbing took it right off!  Seriously, Danny didn’t even notice and will have no idea unless he reads this post. 🙂

After scrubbing with vinegar.  You can still see a slightly faded spot if you look closely, but overall it isn't noticeable.

After scrubbing with vinegar. You can still see a slightly faded spot if you look closely, but overall it isn’t noticeable.

This post is for those poor souls who think there is nothing they can do after spilling paint on their stone or brick!  Vinegar!  Who knew!?!?!

The magic potion!

The magic potion!

What to Expect During a C-Section

I’d have to say that I’m part pro at the whole c-section procedure.  I mean I did it three times in less than four years.  None of them were really planned per say.  I mean they said for sure that I had to have one the third time around, but it ended up happening way sooner than expected.   I’m going to go through some of what happens and what to expect.  Overall, it really isn’t that bad.  I mean, come on, I did it three times and maybe just maybe might do it again.

1. Check-in at hospital.  You get to go through the whole question process.  Yadda yadda.  They might scare you with the whole living will part (get on that if you haven’t).

2.  Head back to your room.  Everything is very cool, calm and collected if it is planned.  You get to chill and if you have a scheduled section and wait until the OR is free.  With my third, I had a time, but someone that had an emergency section pushed me back a couple of hours.  They take your temperature, monitor the baby, check your blood pressure and urine.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you get to put on the heinous hospital gown that you have to leave open in the front, all modesty ends here.  They also start your IV and take your blood.  They also make you take off all jewelry except wedding rings.

3.  Meet with anesthesiologist.  I haven’t had a bad one yet.  They explain the whole process of the anesthesia and the spinal.  I told mine this past time that I get really sick and nauseous while it is all happening so he was prepared to put the antinausea medicine in me.  We found out this time that I get like that because the spinal causes my blood pressure to drop REAL fast and low.  You can ask them anything.  They do it a million times a day.

4. Husband gets ready!  They give your husband or one person of choice paper scrubs to wear.  Your “person” can watch the c-section or  do like mine does and stay by your head.

My hot husband ready for his job!

My hot husband ready for his job!

5.  Walk back to OR.  Yep, you walk back to the operating room.  With my second, my water had already broken so they let me walk back and fluid was gushing out and getting all over the floor – definitely do NOT walk around the hallway without shoes.

6.  Sit on table and get your spinal.  The spinal is basically a more potent epidural.  If it isn’t planned, you might have already had an epidural so they can just add the spinal stuff to it.  You go completely numb from the middle of your rib cage down.  All you do is lean over and they insert it in your back.  You feel a sting, but it doesn’t hurt.  I promise!

7.  Catheter (the pee pee one).  I have to say this is my least favorite part.  You don’t feel it, but you have to keep it in until you aren’t numb anymore.  It’s mandatory whenever you get a spinal or epidural.

8.  Get ready for baby.  They will strap you down, put heated things on your body and get you all prepped.  I honestly don’t know all of what they do because they put up a screen right at my neck, so I can’t see what’s going on.

9.  Husband comes in.  My husband comes in and sits next to my head.  He usually holds my hand until baby is out.

10.  Here comes baby!  It usually takes 5-10 minutes and baby is out!  You will feel pressure, but nothing else.  If you feel something, start screaming.  They will tell you when he/she is almost out and then you will most likely hear a cry of a baby.  It happens SO fast.  My husband got to see them and they immediately take them over to the clean-up station and get to work on the baby while you are getting sewn up.  This usually takes about 15 or so minutes because they weigh the baby and do the other measurements as well.

11.  Mama gets to see baby!

Husband got to hold her and bring her to me.

Husband got to hold her and bring her to me.

My first time seeing sweet Marin.  Definitely love at first sight.

My first time seeing sweet Marin. Definitely love at first sight.

12.  Head to recovery.  Husband meets you there because he walks with the baby up to the nursery until mama is in recovery.  Recovery isn’t that bad and usually goes by fast.  You get to have some ice chips (I was SO parched with baby 3).  Once they think you’re okay and ready to go to post pardum (usually an hour), then you get to head up there.

13.  Enjoy this room for 3 more days.  This is your home for the next few days.  Each recovery for my girls was a little different.  Baby 3, Marin, was the hardest recovery.  Baby 2, Anna, was the easiest and baby 1, Ella, was in the middle.  I can’t tell you exactly how you will recover, but it really isn’t awful.  I mean your stomach just got cut open and it’s considered pretty major surgery so you really need to act like it and take it easy for a couple of weeks.  Live it up in the hospital.  STAY ON TOP OF YOUR PAIN MEDS.  Nurses get busy (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one and that they didn’t forget).  If it is 15 minutes before your next pain med is due, call them.  Do not wait until it’s time.  Seriously, listen to me on that one.  Call them whenever you need anything, that’s what they are there for.  The first night, you won’t get much sleep.  They come in so often to check blood pressure, temperature and to see how much your are bleeding down there.

Your spinal will stay in for a good amount of time.  They didn’t take mine out until 13 hours later after my 3rd.  I kept pumping it as much as I could to keep the pain away.  You don’t have to be in pain, so why should you be?  It takes a few hours to completely wear off.  I believe all three times one side became normal before the other.  Don’t freak out, that’s normal apparently.  Once you are free of numbness, you get the catheter removed and you get to go pee on your own!  Yaya.  Take it easy when walking.

During all of this, your baby gets to stay in the room with you.  Make sure someone stays with you the whole time.  You can’t get up to change the baby or even get the baby so you can feed him or her.  My husband stayed with me all three times on a tiny pull out, hard chair.  He’s sweet, but I guess it’s the least they can do, right?!?!  right?!?!

14.  Words of advice.  Enjoy your hospital stay.  Get all the help you need from the people there, whether it’s your nurse, lactation or even a doctor.

Don’t feel bad telling people to get out of your room.  If you’re like me, you need your space while breastfeeding.  Tell your husband to tell people that you need a little bit of time.  Breastfeeding is SO stressful, especially at first.  Also, if a doctor or hearing person or nurse or whoever comes into your room, it’s OKAY to ask people to leave.  Some people are CLUELESS and just sit in there.

If you’re stressed (because this is SO stressful, no joke) or tired, it’s okay to tell people not to come visit.  They need to understand.  I, personally, don’t love a ton of visitors.  I look like crap and am overly tired and really don’t feel like entertaining.  Most of the time, just my family visits and really close friends (maybe 2 or 3 tops).

Make every single person that touches your baby wash their hands.  Once again, people are CLUELESS and don’t understand that they carry germs.  I actually make people up to six weeks wash their hands.

You are VERY hormonal.  You might cry a lot, like a lot and for no good reason.  Let your husband know this ahead of time and make him be your advocate.  Tell him how you’re feeling and that you don’t want visitors or make him tell people to wash their hands.  They gotta be good for something during this whole thing, you just gave birth.

Hospital food ain’t good.  If people offer to pick you up food on their way there, jump on it.

You will bleed for several weeks.  You make up for all your missed time the last nine months.  I will leave it at that.

Once you’re done bleeding and you lose all your baby weight, you can wear a bikini again.  The scar won’t show!


Okay, I guess that’s all for this LONG post.  I guess the moral of all this is to not be nervous.  Doctors do this SO many times a day and it’s routine for them.  You will be fine and so will your precious little baby.  See, look at mine!

Patterson  (216)




Keep Track of You Keys!

What a day… seriously!

It started out normal enough.  We got up and left the house at 630 am to drive my 2nd grader 40 minutes to school.  Yes, I know that is crazy, but I promised him he could finish the school year in his same school when we moved.  Anyway, we dropped him off and picked up my nephew that I babysit then headed over to my sister’s house nearby to wait until school gets out.

We got to her house and I realized hubby had borrowed my key to their house and didn’t put it back.  So I have 8 hours to kill with three kids and no where to go.  I call my other sister who I know has a key and works a few miles down the road.  She agrees to meet me in the parking lot to hand over her key.  I get there and she holds up her keys to show me that someone had borrowed her key and she doesn’t know why it isn’t on her key chain anymore.

Now it stands out!

Now it stands out!

Awesome.  So I have no choice but to call my brother-in-law who is a PE teacher to get his key.  I got lucky and he actually responds to my text that his class is outside and has me pull up along the outside fence.  I get there and he jogs over and hands me several keys through the fence.  He is pretty sure it is one of those keys, but he never remembers which one.  Awesome again.

Luckily one of these keys worked, but of course this is after driving around with three kids for 3 hours.  I vowed to never have a day like this again!  I painted the top of the correct key with black nail polish so I can see at a glance if I have the key with me or not and know which one it is!  I also made copies of all my keys and color coordinated them with different colors.  Here’s hoping this solves some of the madness!!!



Just in case you haven't seen this before.  I have no nails and use this to get my keys on and off the key ring.

Just in case you haven’t seen this before. I have no nails and use this to get my keys on and off the key ring.


A Great Way To Take Someone Dinner

I just had my third kid. Third girl in less than four years. Third csection too. Enough said right?!

I honestly think people feel sorry for me. We were doing our newborn shoot last weekend and this lady asked me “are all three yours?” I said “yes” and her response was “Looooord, you’ve got your hands full.” Not only this, but people have been over the top kind and generous to us and I’m sure they’re thinking they need to help me out (ha, maybe they do). One way is that we’ve had SO MANY dinners brought to us. NOTHING is better than a home cooked meal that you haven’t had to cook. They have all been so delicious and have made my heart melt that we know so many kind people.

My next door neighbor told us a few days before it that she wanted to bring us dinner. All she said was that it was going to be BBQ. Hot dang. We love BBQ. So, she brought over a basket of food. It was covered with a hand towel. We opened it and WAHHHHHLAHHHH. Look at this beauty. She put everything in Mason jars.


There is BBQ with two kinds of sauces, chips, buns, baked beans, cole slaw, mac n cheese, potato salad, and the best bangin’ dessert – chocolate lovers delight

I bet you wanna know what’s all in here right. There is BBQ with two kinds of sauces, chips, buns, baked beans, cole slaw, mac n cheese, potato salad, and the best bangin’ dessert – chocolate lovers delight.


Look at this presentation. She put it all in Mason jars with fabric and she labeled each jar.


Here are a couple more pics.


The girls getting ready for some grub!



We put a nice dent in it, but there were plenty of leftovers!

Look at how great this looks!

Thank you sweet Marin for making me a Mama again (and not just for all the tasty food)!


A Simple 2 Year Old Birthday

Remember how I had my kitchen redone?  Well, I planned to have my 2 year old’s party the day that it finished and not because it was supposed to finish that day.  Because of this, I only had family at the party.  Believe it or not, the plumber was there until 10:30 and that party started at 11.  If you know me, I bit a hole through my lip due to nervousness.

Since I didn’t have a lot of time to plan, this is dress that I bought the girls for Disney World inspired me for the theme of Anna’s party.  It made it more perfect that she was able to wear the dress at least twice too!


Remember I’m still planning this last minute.  I have a friend that has an adorable Etsy Shop, Hope48, that makes birthday banners and cupcake toppers (and tons of other stuff, check it out!).  She made this banner and cupcake toppers for me in less than a week!



These cupcakes are the Valentine’s cupcakes I made before with mini oreos used as Mickey ears.

I had no choice but to make simple food because I didn’t have countertops until the evening before.  Here was our menu:

Subway Subs – It was actually customer appreciation day so all the subs were half off.  Heck to the yeah.
Broccoli Salad
Orzo Pasta Salad
Minnie and Mickey Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Fruit Platter
Lumpia – made by my Filipino mom in-law

We also did a pinata!  I randomly got Easter candy 70% off (heck yeah number 2 for the party).  The kids love it!  Pinatas are $15-$20 at party stores.


The party was simple, but she still had a great time!  I do love parties for my girls!  Remember, the little details are EVERYTHING.


Happy party planning!

Costco or Sam’s Club – Maybe This Will Help You Decide

I’m going to compare/review the two most popular wholesale clubs for you!

costcovrssamsRight now I have memberships to both places (after switching to Costco and then also wanting my Sam’s back) and I think I can give you some advice on where to join (cause let’s face it, the memberships aren’t that cheap) depending on your preferences as well!  I’m going to go through several things that are probably the most important to most moms.  We recently joined Costco because we saw a special on CNBC and how people were ranting and raving over their brand of stuff, customer service, prices and quality.

So, here we go!

1. Crowd.  Sam’s Club is always very calm and WAY less crowded than Costco (maybe that tells you something, maybe it doesn’t).  I feel like it’s somewhat of a fun place to take my kids because they can get out of the cart and run around a little.  Even though Costco is more crowded, they seem to carry the crowd pretty well (not well enough for me to let my kids run though).  Sam’s Club normally has two or three cash registers open whereas Costco has most open and usually two people manning each register.  Checkout time is usually about the same at both stores.  Getting out the door is not the same.  Sometimes I have to wait five plus minutes for someone to check my receipt at the door at Costco because of the long line.

2.  Food.  Most families join because of the savings on food.  I can say hands down Sam’s Club wins it for me here.  The first time I went to Costco, I immediately missed my whole wheat sandwich rounds for the girls, the 2 pound package of Jimmy Dean sausage, and the good selection of Laughing Cow cheese spread.  All three of these food items are something I bought every time I went there and Costco sells none of them ( well, they sell one kind of Light Laughing Cow).  Sam’s Club prices are also better on food items.  Oh, and their cakes…. Sam’s wins again with their better selection of birthday/grad/all occasion cakes.  They have so many different choices and designs AND COOKIE CAKES.  Did I mention they have a double layer COOKIE CAKE with icing in the middle?  Sorry people, it’s the little things in life.

3.  Stuff besides food. I’m mostly talking about furniture.  You really can’t beat the quality of Costco’s furniture.  However, when saying this, Sam’s also has furniture and they are both priced according to quality.  Costco’s furniture prices are expensive, but they have a right to be because it is good stuff.  Sam’s Club furniture is cheaper, but the quality just isn’t there.

Besides furniture, they both have clothes.  I’ve found much better deals on clothes for my girls at Sam’s Club.  I can’t beat paying $5 and some change for a Carter’s outfit.  There isn’t any brand differentiation here, Sam’s Club just has a better price.

4.  Eating at the store. At our Costco, you have to pay cash unless you go to a different area, pay with cc and then get in the food line.  At Sam’s you can pay with cc at the counter.  Food quality is about the same and priced the same.  Sam’s Club did win my heart with the food bar though because they know my love for Coke Zero.  They have about three times as many soda choices.

5.  Cleanliness/appearance of the store.  I would say that they are both equally clean (I think it might depend on the area that you live).  Both sets of bathrooms where I live (Dulles, VA) have been clean.  I do like that Sam’s has a family bathroom that has a little toilet for my girls.  I’m not sure if all have this, but ours does.

6.  Diapers/Wipes.  This may not be important to some, but with me overlapping with kids in diapers twice, it is important to me!  My big issue is that Costco does not sell Pampers diapers and those (at least for the first couple of stages) have been the best for my girls.  They both sell their own store brand, Luvs and Huggies.  I have tried Sam’s Club diapers and they worked fine for me in the later stages.  I’ve actually never tried Kirkland diapers, but I heard they are amazing and just as good as Huggies.  Well, they better be cause they are the exact same price for the same amount of diapers.  It’s hard for me to ever justify paying the same price for any store brand item.  Sure, call me weird.  Same goes for the wipes.  I’m kind of funny about my wipes.  I did not like store brand Sam’s Club wipes and am very partial to Huggies.  Huggies wipes are much cheaper at Sam’s.  Kirkland wipes are good, however they are priced the same at Costco (for the same amount) as Huggies again.  Call me weird again, but I’m going for the Huggies.

7.  Gas.  Seriously, it seems like people at Costco think the world is going to run out of gas.  Usually you are 4-5 cars back waiting for a pump.  Sam’s Club is drive right up (I think I’ve had to wait once car back like once).  I think the gas is pretty important because you do save a lot, especially me and my HUGE tank.

8.  Credit cards. Costco: check, cash, debit or American Express. Sam’s: check, cash Discover,  or Mastercard

I hope these eight items help you decide which to join.  Of course location is going to play a huge roll in which one you decide.  Mine are less than a mile apart, so it’s basically a choice.  For me, I won’t cheat on Sam’s Club again and get a Costco membership UNLESS I’m looking for furniture and I really fall in love with something at Costco.  In that case, I will keep both.

Am I missing anything?  I know there are a ton of obsessive people over Costco.  Feel free to leave a comment and explain why you like one store better than the other!