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Keep Track of You Keys!

What a day… seriously!

It started out normal enough.  We got up and left the house at 630 am to drive my 2nd grader 40 minutes to school.  Yes, I know that is crazy, but I promised him he could finish the school year in his same school when we moved.  Anyway, we dropped him off and picked up my nephew that I babysit then headed over to my sister’s house nearby to wait until school gets out.

We got to her house and I realized hubby had borrowed my key to their house and didn’t put it back.  So I have 8 hours to kill with three kids and no where to go.  I call my other sister who I know has a key and works a few miles down the road.  She agrees to meet me in the parking lot to hand over her key.  I get there and she holds up her keys to show me that someone had borrowed her key and she doesn’t know why it isn’t on her key chain anymore.

Now it stands out!

Now it stands out!

Awesome.  So I have no choice but to call my brother-in-law who is a PE teacher to get his key.  I got lucky and he actually responds to my text that his class is outside and has me pull up along the outside fence.  I get there and he jogs over and hands me several keys through the fence.  He is pretty sure it is one of those keys, but he never remembers which one.  Awesome again.

Luckily one of these keys worked, but of course this is after driving around with three kids for 3 hours.  I vowed to never have a day like this again!  I painted the top of the correct key with black nail polish so I can see at a glance if I have the key with me or not and know which one it is!  I also made copies of all my keys and color coordinated them with different colors.  Here’s hoping this solves some of the madness!!!



Just in case you haven't seen this before.  I have no nails and use this to get my keys on and off the key ring.

Just in case you haven’t seen this before. I have no nails and use this to get my keys on and off the key ring.


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