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Christmas Is Soon – Kids Favorite Toys

Hurryyyyyyy, Christmas is in like 15 days.  I cannot believe it.  I’ve been ordering like a champ through Amazon prime (free 2 day shipping).  I’m going to save your life and do your kids shopping for you in 5 minutes  list my 4 and 2 year olds favorite toys that we have.  They pretty much play with all the same toys together (one joy of having kids close together in age).  I will rank them in order of usage.

1.  Bounce House
That is the exact one that we have in our basement and my kids use it every single day and have for over 2 years.  Did you read that?  Every.Single.Day.  We set it up in our basement.  It’s awesome because we change it out with our ping pong table.  It folds up real easy too.  We also use it for all of our kids’ bday parties.  Right now it is $199 through amazon.  GREAT deal.  This is an awesome shared gift for your kids.


2.  Magna-Tiles
These are one of my favorite interactive and learning toys.  My kids play them with each other, by themselves, and with us.  I think my favorite thing about these is that they get used SO much and take up such little space.  They really are worth every penny.  If you get these, make sure you get the 100 piece set, the 32 piece set can’t build as cool of things.

Check out Jamie’s review of them here.

3.  Glider Bike
‘m a big fan of these.  My 4 year old can practically ride her bike without training wheels now because of this exact bike!

4.  Doctor Set
For some reason, my girls are obsessed with this exact doctor kit.  They have a few kits, but this one came with the bag.  It’s pretty cheap too!  I like it too because it makes them a lot less afraid of going to the doctor.  My girls also have this doctor dress-up.

5.  Tea Set
Let girls be girls, right?!  They can sit down and play tea for hours.

6. Play Doh Stuff
 My girls really love play doh.  These are also great for stockings!

7.  Dress-Up
This set is cute because you can match up different outfits for each princess!

8.  Stamp Set
For some reason kids LOVE stamps.  Last year, it was the only thing my 4 year old asked for from Santa.

9.  Board games
I saw that Wal-Mart dot com had a lot of kids board games on sale for $5.  My 4 year old loves Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Sorry.

10.  Puzzles
Both of my girls LOVE puzzles.  I actually ordered my 2 year old the one I linked to above for Christmas.  Very educational too!


Okay, those are my top 10!  There Santa, click away and in 10 minutes be done with your shopping and focus on spending fun, quality time with your kids.  Merry Christmas!


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