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Mommy Against Drunk Driving

Every mommy will work her hardest to protect her child. That’s a given. But what happens when the scenario is not in your hands? We’ve all heard the dangers of drunk driving. They’re taught to our kids in school and we stress the lessons of not driving while under the influence automatically nowadays. But why […]

Exercise with a Cause

Spring is upon us, and for many of us that means getting back into the swing of a regular exercise schedule. One of the most recent trends in the fitness industry has been ‘Tough Mudders’ and ‘Spartan Races.’ The idea for these is pretty straightforward; take a standard running race and add a variety of […]

Simple Tips to Save Money for Your Family

It has become especially stressful in recent years with the struggling economy to support a family. From the overwhelming cost of hundred of diapers to the money you need to save for their future college educations, there are so many things to consider. That is why my family focuses on saving money in as many […]

How to Stick to Your Exercise Plan this Winter

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with your health during the winter months. The temperature starts dropping and all you really want to do is cozy up on the couch with a blanket instead of running outside in the freezing temperatures. Staying motivated this time of year is next to impossible. However, there […]

Columbia Utilities Partners with Habitat for Humanity

I’m a huge fan of helping out those in need. One of the organizations that does an excellent job of this is Habitat for Humanity. They bring communities together to help create homes and environments that families in need can use as a starting point to rebuild their lives. I’m always impressed with their efforts […]

Employee Benefits & Working from Home

In today’s society, being a “stay at home mommy” does not have the same meaning that it did in the past. Some moms that stay at home are still earning an income, while completing the many tasks around raising children and taking care of a home. Many are self-employed. With the rise in companies such […]

Texting and Driving is a Problem

I absolutely hate it when my husband picks up his phone while driving.  Even if it’s something that he’s doing quickly to update the GPS in the phone to help us get to our desired destination.  I’d much rather do it myself than take the risk of the driver being distracted.   It’s just not […]

Additional Sources of Income

One of the many challenges of being a stay at home mom is balancing the home finances.   Each month we sit down as a couple to review the expenses and our income and determine what we need to do to make sure the house runs smoothly for the next 30 days.  This can be […]

Cooking is Therapeutic

I love cooking, it’s therapeutic for me. When I worked in a fine dining restaurant I was always looking at what the chefs were doing and asking questions, trying to figure out what they did and what tools they were using. I love trying out fancy recipes. I have grand visions of being the next […]

The Danger of Drinking and Driving

My kids are getting older, and so far I can’t figure out how or why. But I am working on a way to stop and even reverse the process. No luck yet, but I am hopeful. In the meantime, I have to face the awful reality that my kids will soon be facing some pretty […]