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Employee Benefits & Working from Home

In today’s society, being a “stay at home mommy” does not have the same meaning that it did in the past. Some moms that stay at home are still earning an income, while completing the many tasks around raising children and taking care of a home. Many are self-employed. With the rise in companies such as Rodan + Fields, Avon, and Mary Kay women are given the option of working from home on a more flexible schedule.

With these companies, mothers can still spend time with their families and do all of the things they want to do while earning a little extra income for their household. The business model of companies like Stella & Dot have been on the rise. More and more people (not just moms) are choosing to work from home on their own terms. In fact, the bureau of labor reports that 15 million people were self employed in 2015. These companies are providing a more flexible work schedule.

There are other ways to jump on this type of work without working as a sales person. Blogging has become a very popular profession. It can be difficult to get started and not all bloggers make a very steady income, but I truly love the lifestyle I have created by becoming a mommy blogger. I get to do all the things I love (crafting, baking, and spending time with the kids) while providing ideas for other moms! What more could I ask for?

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks of being a self-employed, work from home individual. For instance, I do not get a lot of the perks associated with a normal job. Benefits such as health insurance, PTO, and company matched retirement savings are not available to bloggers. I also miss out on the interpersonal communication in the office environment.

For this reason, I find it important to give myself the normal perks associated with working in an office. I take lunches with friends to get that interaction during the day. I still take time to myself, planning vacations and scheduling blog posts out in advance. But the most important thing that I do to replicate working in a more traditional career path, is to get health insurance coverage for myself and my family.

Companies such as Health Insurance Innovations are providing affordable insurance options for individuals who are not receiving their coverage through an employer. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your “office” because you can get coverage right from your home by signing up online. In fact, I love this idea so much that I’ve considered becoming one of the Health Insurance Innovations Investors

I would highly recommend looking into becoming a modern “stay at home mommy” and joining the self-employed revolution. It’s a fantastic lifestyle that allows you to spend time with your children, take care of yourself, and earn some extra income. Just remember to set yourself up for the normal work perks and you’ll be good to go.

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