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Spray Paint Can Make Great Cheap Changes!

Since we moved, spray paint has become quite popular.  Even though I wanted to change the color of some things, I still liked the look.  This time around, I changed the trash can, soap dish and tissue box cover in the girls bathroom.  I used this spray paint:

Rustoleum spray paint

Here is the spray paint I used. Cost $3.82 at Home Depot.

Here is the before:

before spray painting

Blah Blah silver...

They all still had the price stickers left on them.  The trash can was $11.99, soap dish was $4.99 and the tissue box was $8.99.  I bought these for my husband (boyfriend at the time) when he was fixing up his college bathroom.  I saved ~$22 by spray painting instead of buying new.

Here are some after pics:

Here is the tissue box cover spray painted.

sink bathroom

Soap dish painted from silver to pink. I used it as a place to hold tooth paste.

spray paint

Trash can painted.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the less than $4 transformation.


Make sure you spray far away from the object.  It’s better to do a few coats than one thick one.  It will drip!  Mine dripped on one side of the trash can and I quickly figured out that slow and steady wins the race.

Coming soon:  Spray painted wicker furniture

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