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Kitchen Table Fixer-Upper!

My sister scored this great glass table for $60 at a used furniture consignment sale.  It was a bit scuffed, but very sturdy.  We easily fixed it up as good as new with a few cans of spray paint, some 50% off fabric, and a staple gun!

First we unscrewed all the cushions from the chairs and took the glass top of the table.  Then we carefully spray painted all the chairs and the base of the table a nice sage green color.  We did two coats just to make sure it was completely covered.

Second, we reupholstered all the cushions with new fabric.  We got the fabric at Joanne’s Fabric Store using a 50% off coupon.  This part was a lot easier than you would think.  We Just measured out the fabric making sure it covers the entire cushion with room to spare so that it can be stapled securely to the back of the cushion.

Finally, we reattached all the cushions back to the  chairs.  Easy and simple!

A brand new table for $60!  You may also like this article on Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs and Spray Painting Bathroom Accessories.

Before and after image of the cushions.


Before and after view of the spray painted chairs

Here is the table all finished. Spray painted base and chairs and reupholstered chairs.

Another view of the table all finished. Perfect table for $60. Fits great in this little breakfast nook.


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