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DIY: How to Paint a Rug!

Okay so I am picking out things for the new house and came across this very reasonably priced handmade natural fiber jute rug from overstock.com.  It looked perfect under my dining rom table… until my dog got sick and puked on it.  Did you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to clean a jute rug???  I didn’t, […]

DIY White Buffet makeover

Again, with the beat up furniture from the move!  Ha.  I am slowly moving from project to project as I get settled in the new house.  I got this buffet about 6 years ago.  It was one of my first pieces of furniture I was able to buy after graduating from college and getting married. […]

DIY Burlap and Cork Board Frames

We are finally settled into the house enough for me to start doing some crafts!  Yay!  I hope to never ever move again.  It is so much work and its seems that all my furniture gets a little bit more beat up with each move. Anyway, you might have seen this project floating around pinterest […]

DIY Antiquing Turquoise Dresser Tutorial

I am so excited about my newly redone dresser! It went from old and beat up to bright and beautiful!  I used a pre-tinted antiquing glaze to give it a really cool finished look. Check out the tutorial on keepingitsimplecrafts.com where we featured as a guest blogger! Yay!       Related posts: New Daisy Hair Bow Tutorial […]

DIY Earring Organizer!

Isn’t it fabulous!  I am so in love with it!  Previously all my earrings were thrown all together in a jewelry box drawer.  I would have to shuffle through them digging for a match and could hardly even see all the earrings I had . I admit, I probably spent more money on this than I would […]

DIY Canvas Prints

Michael’s Doller days is this week!  Yay!   This is like Christmas for a crafter like me!I have already gone twice this week!  My favorite deal this week is the two pack 16in x 20in canvases for $5.  If you dont like that size, you should know all the other canvases are 40% off this […]

The Best Sides for your Potluck!

Does everyone have their dish planned for your 4th of July BBQ?  Just in case you haven’t made a decision yet, I thought I throw out ten of our favorite potluck sides for you.  These are tried and tested recipes that you can’t go wrong with it! 1.  On of my all time favorites is […]

How to Remove Paint from Brick

So I had a major accident in the driveway after one of my painting projects.  Danny was out of town and I was trying to finish a project in the garage during random snippets of time that I could occupy the kiddos elsewhere.  Of course I was rushing… I spilled a big puddle of oil based primer […]

Keep Track of You Keys!

What a day… seriously! It started out normal enough.  We got up and left the house at 630 am to drive my 2nd grader 40 minutes to school.  Yes, I know that is crazy, but I promised him he could finish the school year in his same school when we moved.  Anyway, we dropped him […]

New Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Yay!  Its BBQ season again!  I love it!  Time to start getting your grill on! We love potato salad at our house!  My mother-in-law has really perfected her potato salad by taste, all the way to the tiniest dab of salt.  It is so so so fabulous.  Sadly, I am unable to replicate it.  I […]