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Washing A Car = A Fun Hot Day Activity

It seems like three little kiddies hop around between houses on my street.  One of them happens to be my three year old that two sweet five year olds include {insert my heart melting here}.  There is only so much “basement” fun you can have.  Well, one fun activity the neighbor had for them was to wash her car!  The car may have still been dirty when they finished, but they at least had fun doing it!

3 year old washing a car

She was loving life!

filling the bucket

This seriously made her day!

fun summer activity

Washing the car. She loved the hose!

washing a car

It was still dirty when they finished, but they had fun!

I will say that it was more fun for Ella doing it with other kids.  It also seemed to make my life a little easier!  I highly recommend a neighborhood for your little ones.  I know we love ours!


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