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The Best Cities to See Santa

If your kids are anything like mine, they stay up late on Christmas Eve tracking Santa as he travels across the globe. They love watching him travel across the computer screen before they tuck into bed so that Santa can make his way to our house!

They use the NORAD Santa tracker to keep track of Saint Nick, and according to a new study conducted by Assurance IQ, there are some other metrics our kids might want to take into account as well:

Their study found the cities with the clearest night skies and the cities where residents are tracking Santa the most to determine where you’re most likely to spot Santa in the night sky.

The results? Colorado Springs tops the list, followed by Denver, CO; Provo, UT; Albuquerque, NM; and Tucson, AZ. Albuquerque offers the clearest night sky for Santa visibility, while Albany, NY and Providence, RI have the highest amount of search interest for the NORAD Santa tracker on Christmas Eve.

If you live in one of these Santa-watching hotspots, good luck getting your little ones to bed on time!
You can find your city in the full study on the Assurance IQ website.

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