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Spinach Dip — Great Appetizer

I always take something to anything we are invited to.  I feel like the host has gone through so much effort to make it a great evening, the least I can do is bring something.  Most of the time it’s either a dessert or appetizer.  If I don’t have a lot of time, I usually make this.  It’s so delicious and EVERYONE asks for the recipe.  This past weekend, I helped host my friends bridal shower.  I brought this spinach dip and homemade hummus (recipe to come later).  This is Hidden Valley’s recipe.  Look at how cute it is:

awesome spinach dip

The Hawaiian bread makes it look really good!

All you need is:

Water Chestnuts
16 oz. Sour Cream
Box of Chopped Spinach (thawed, rinsed and completely drained)
Ranch Dressing Packet
Kings Hawaiian Bread

spinach dip ingredients

All you need is spinach, diced water chestnuts, sour cream, ranch dressing packet and Hawaiian bread.

Dice up water chestnuts.
Make sure spinach is completely dry.
Mix all together and put into bowl to let sit for at least 30 minutes (I did mine over night).
Cut out hole in bread and serve.  Wahhhllaaaaaa

I should have made this post before Super Bowl.  It would have been something perfect and easy you could have taken to a party.  Lay off all the store bought stuff when you go places, it just makes you look lazy!!!


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