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Review: Build-A-Bear

We decided to take the girls to build-a-bear.  We chose the Fair Oaks location in Fairfax, VA.  Husband went online and got a $5 off $30 coupon and we had part of a gift card leftover, so we left out of there pretty cheap.  However, this was mainly because we didn’t allow them to get all the extras.  This was a great experience and all the staff were so friendly!

First, they chose their unstuffed bears.  Anna’s pink bear was $16 and Ella’s black bear with stars was $20.  It was pretty easy to steer them away from the expensive bears (you can get one for $40 for the bear alone).


Hanging out with their unstuffed bears.

Next, they went to a computer, scanned their bear and put their bear’s hobbies in.  After this, they got to stuff their bear and kiss their bears heart and place it in the bear.


Placing the heart in her bear after she kissed it.

It was cool because they got to step on the machine so it let out the bears stuffing.

Then it was bath time!


Giving their bears a bath and drying their fur.

A little more bath time fun!


Lastly, they named their bear and got a certificate as well.  We could have chosen clothes, shoes and even roller skates for them, but all of that was so expensive and we could have ended up spending way more than double our original cost.  They were happy with what they had.  The clerk boxed up their bears into a little house.  They loved them!


Even the baby loved them too!

She liked them too!

She liked them too!

It was a great and fun activity!  I think it would be a great idea for a reward.  A little advice is to spend a good amount of time at each station.  Let your kids make believe and pretend.  It makes great memories!



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