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Remember to Give Your Babe Their Medicine!

So, if you’re like a crazy frazzled woman me, you forget a lot.  This includes things like: Did I turn the stove off from making eggs? or Crap, did I leave my straightening iron on?, or Did I feed the dog?  Yes I did, no I didn’t, maybe I did?!?!  Women have 1001 things on their mind and are always thinking about the next thing to get done and not always about what they are doing that second.  Don’t worry, you’re normal!

My sweet sweet Anna has basically been living on antibiotics due to her tear duct being stopped up and getting infected.  I saw this idea on pinterest and I thought it was a PERFECT way for me to remember if I gave the medicine to her or if I still needed to.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely need helpful reminders and it’s one less thing to stress over or have to think about!  All you need is a sharpie!

a way to remember taking medicine

A great way to remember taking medicine!

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