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Pom Pom Tutorial

I don’t know what it is about me and my girls’ rooms, but I kind of choose odd or should I say different colors than you would expect for a girl.  I knew I wanted Anna’s room gray and pink and I wanted Ella’s room blue with pink accents (post on that later).  We recently moved into this house and this is the first chance I had at decorating her nursery even though she’s 15 months old now!  My friend came over a couple weeks ago and showed me how to make the pom poms over Anna’s bed.  It was just what I needed for that blank space.  I’m real simple, I just wanted a few to hang over her bed.

owl nursery

Most of her room! I needed something over her bed and this was perfect!

So, I bet you’re wondering how it’s done.  It’s SO simple that I’m almost embarrassed to tell you!

What you need is:
12 pieces of tissue paper times the number of pom poms you want to make
fishing line
hooks for ceiling that won’t show — like the ones here

All you do is:

1.  Lay your tissue paper out flat on the floor.

pom pom tutorial

Choose 12 pieces of tissue paper.

2. Start folding about 1″ over, under, over, under, etc.

pom pom tutorial

Fold accordion style. I do mine about an inch wide.

3.  Fold it in half and put two staples, you can do more if you feel like it isn’t going all the way through.

pom pom tutorial

Staple it a couple times in the middle.

4.  Cut the outside edges in almost a point.  You want to make sure sides are even, if not cut the longer side to match up.

pom pom tutorial

Cut on each side like this or however you want your tips to look.

5.  Here begins the fun part!  Starting with one half, pull the outside piece of tissue paper out, then repeat on other side.  Then, keep pulling from one side then the other.

pom pom tutorial

Start pulling apart from each side.

My friend's advice was to start pulling one piece from each side. She said not to pull all one side then the other.

pom pom tutorial

Half of the pom pom done!

6.  Repeat on other half!

pom pom for nursery

One pom pom complete!

Make as many as you want for your sweet one!  My friend said she made some for one of her friends baby shower and anothers bachelorette party.  Keep playing with it if it isn’t perfect at first!  You will get it!

Now, just hang some fishing twine, or ribbon if you prefer, from it and hang it!  So fun and so cute!!!

girl owl nursery

Finished product!

So sweet!

****  In case you’re wondering, bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids, wall decal is from this shop on Etsy!

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