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Planning a Birthday Party for Your Two-Year-Old

The time has come to celebrate your toddler’s 2nd birthday! Seeing your child grow right before your eyes as they approach their 2nd birthday might have you feeling like time flies. That baby you celebrated just one year ago has now grown taller and is developing into a toddler. 

Just like the 1st birthday party, the 2nd birthday is nothing short of a big deal. At 2 years old, your toddler might be having more social interaction and is becoming more active and talkative. This means a bigger – and even better – party to celebrate and accommodate your toddlers needs and desires. Whether that means more children and less adults or fun activities like a bounce house, bubbles, or face paint. 

If you’re looking for a little assistance in planning a 2nd birthday party, look no further. 

Party Theme Ideas

Party theme ideas get a little easier as your baby grows up. As they start to become interested in certain things like animals, space, or a particular TV show, it’s easy to center your celebrations around them. Care.com suggests choosing a theme that captures your child’s imagination the most and carrying that theme throughout the party from invitations, to favors, and cake. As your toddler starts to take a liking to things and broaden their imagination, here are some fun themed ideas for your two-year-old. 

  • Petting Zoo 
  • Tea Party 
  • Bounce House
  • TV Show themed (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Peppa Pig, etc.)
  • Face Painting
  • Superheroes 
  • Pet themed (Dog/Cat) 
  • Sandcastle 
  • Astronauts and Space 

Birthday Outfits for Your Toddler 

Typically with birthday outfits, you stick to the same theme as the party. So if you’re planning on doing a superhero-themed party, you would dress up your toddler in a fun, age-appropriate costume with a cape so they fit the part. 

Keep in mind, at this age toddlers start to become picky about their clothing and want to dress themselves. So while you can have an outfit planned out for your boy or girl, there is a chance there might be a last minute wardrobe change from your little one. One of the best and most time-efficient places to purchase a costume for your child’s birthday party is Amazon with over 50,000 different outfits to choose from. 

How Long Should a Party Be?

One of the biggest tips for throwing a 2nd birthday party is to keep the party short and sweet. Two-year-olds are still taking naps at this age and most likely have very short attention spans. For a party at this age, the party should be no longer than two to three hours. 

Party Favors for Kids and Adults 

Party favors, or goodie bags, usually are one of the highlights for children at the end of a party, apart from the cake of course. However, sometimes upon opening up the goodie bag, many of the items tend to be junk, easily distracted, or don’t provide long-lasting entertainment. To ensure you have a top-notch party favors, here are some items to include, and of course, this can change with the theme:

  • Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils 
  • Coloring book
  • Crafting activity for home
  • Stickers
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Candy 

As for the adults, it’s important to thank them for bringing their child to the party and for giving a gift to your little one. During the party, offer plenty of refreshments and adult-friendly food and drink to keep them satisfied and hand out thank you cards on their way out. 

Cake and Dessert Ideas 

As mentioned above, it’s important to carry the theme of your toddler’s birthday in every aspect, including the cake. While your child will be more excited about the idea of eating cake than how it looks – it’s a good idea to stick to the theme with the desserts, if possible. 

Gift Ideas for Boy and Girl 

The only thing more fun than getting gifts is gifting gifts to a cheerful 2-year-old on their birthday. When deciding what to gift for your boy or girl, remember that toddlers don’t tend to have high standards at this age. Every gift is very exciting and important to them and they’ll be grateful for almost anything. 

In general, make sure to purchase age-appropriate gifts that are safe for them at this period in their life. Try to avoid gifts with excessive packaging, or consider gifting the item out of its packaging at the party. Your toddler will be working on their motor skills at this age so toys that involve coordination of the hands (I.e. buckling, zipping, lacing, etc.) will be very beneficial for them. 

For a boy or a girl, get them their very first bike. A bike is a fabulous and exciting gift for a two-year-old because it allows them to exert their energy and feel powerful and accomplished doing something new. 

For girls, this educational plush doll allows your toddler to fine-tune their motor skills by zipping, tying, and using velcro. For boys, the same toy but in a bear version is available. 

What are you planning to do for your toddler’s 2nd birthday party? Let us know in the comments below!

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