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A Guide to Throwing a 5th Birthday Party

Fifth birthdays can be the best yet for children. With new kindergarten friends and emerging obsessions ready for themed parties, five-year-old children have a lot to be excited about. But these new considerations can make planning a fifth birthday party a little challenging. Here are five tips to make your child’s fifth birthday party the best one yet. 

Tip #1: School’s In Session

If your five-year-old has started their kindergarten career, planning a party just got so much easier. The past few parties have centered around family, but now it’s time to invite classmates! 

You can invite new friends from school and plan the party around your school’s location and schedule. After school birthday parties at a local park are easy to attend and need only last a couple hours before dinnertime. Plus, if you are planning a party at a movie theater or bowling alley, weekdays generally provide a little more privacy, as this guide explains.  

Just remember, inviting the whole class to the birthday is rarely a feasible option. Follow the Girl Scouts advice and send out digital invitations privately to your child’s closest buds. 

Tip #2: Find that Theme 

At five years old, most kids have a set of likes and dislikes. Many even have definitive obsessions that take over their wardrobes, crafts and imagination.  Make your child’s birthday special by leaning into these interests. You can…

  • Dive into a favorite book or movie. 

Plan activities around the characters and story. Make crafts or treats that incorporate parts of the work. Pull together a playlist with songs related to the theme. 

Kids will love the idea for a Trolls-themed birthday party, complete with games like nose on Princess Poppy, these troll-hair-frosted cookies and, of course, Trolls music throughout. 
  • Get Your Game On 

If your child has already found a passion for a certain sport or game, make it the theme. Head to a local park to play and round out the party with some well-deserved post-game snacks and even a cake decorated with their favorite team’s colors. 

A sure way to score? Make sure that your party has an even number of attendees and pick out teams before the party so no player feels left out. 

  • Anything Can Be A Theme

If your child is between obsessions, remember that literally anything can be a theme. If they have a favorite color, make it the center of a monochromatic party where kids can even decorate cupcakes to match their favorite hue.

Tip #3: Seek Out A Party Location

Staying at home is a great way to save money, but if your child requires more structured activities that you don’t want to facilitate, look into visiting a party site, like this one.  With supervision, five-year-olds may enjoy a trip to the movie theater, a craft studio, or a local garden. 

Check out  this idea of heading to the New York Botanical Garden instead of jamming a party into an apartment or home!  

Just make sure enough parents are on board to come supervise!

Tip #4: Become an Allergy Expert

With new friends come new allergies to remember while planning an allergy-free party. Include an allergy question in RSVPs, and if an allergen can’t be totally avoided, use things like stickers and labels to make sure kids don’t pick up a harmful treat. 

Tip #5: Take Five for Family

Your child is just starting to come into their own. Their fifth birthday party is an opportunity to celebrate their blooming personality and new friends. But, that can be a lot. It’s important to keep things from getting too outrageous and block out time in the party for a family picture, craft or slice of cake so you remember the special time forever. 

As you plan your child’s fifth birthday party, keep these tips in mind to have a good celebration! And, don’t forget to write down things you learn for next year’s party too! Now, go light the candles for that cake!

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