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Photo Valentine’s Card! Adorable!

My six year old never attended official preschool.  I sort of did my own thing and worked with him at home.   At the beginning of the school year my little monkey came home and wouldn’t tell me what he learned.  He said I wouldn’t know what it was anyway.  I assured him that I had gone to school before too.  He said that he was sure I had no idea what natural resources were since I had never mentioned them to him before!  Funny boy!

So today he came home blabbering on and on about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  He was going on about how they did this or that and how long ago they lived.  Then he demanded to know, “how could you have not told me about them before!”  Love this kid!

He was also disgusted to learn that there use to be a public library that would only let white people check out books.  Good job little six year old… you are already wiser than all your ancestors!  He was excited to tell me about how this 9 year old boy refused to be bullied and worked to get the law changed so that everyone would be able to check out books.  Oh how I love this smart little guy!

Anyway, here is an easy yet incredibly adorable Valentine’s Card you can make at home with your kiddos.  It’s so easy and is a great card to make for Daddy’s and Grandparents!  I made this card with the kids I babysit.

All you need to do is cut out three large hearts from construction paper.  Let the kids paint or decorate them.  When they are done, use a thick black marker and put and “I”  on one, “Love” on the other, and “You” on the last one.  Take a picture or your little guy holding each heart.  Use the pics to make a cute Valentine’s Card.  Top it off by having your  little guy write a letter in his or her own handwriting.

Here is one of the pictures up close! Melts my heart!


The cover of the card


Too cute for words!

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