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My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items

Of course these are my opinions, but I would swear that these are the best out there!  I will explain each one.

1. Huggies Baby Wipes

Huggies Wipes

Huggies Wipes

I’ve tried Huggies, Pampers, Sam’s Club brand, Parent’s Choice, Target brand and Wegmans brand.  These are by far my favorite for a few reasons.  They are thick, so they get all the poopie off with one or two.  I also LOVE the way they come out of the dispenser.  You can rip one off at the time.  I also love the cucumber scent.  LOVE THESE!  I’ve found the best price at Sam’s Club.


2. Vick’s Warm Mist Humidifier

good for colds

Vick's Warm Mist Humidifier

Every mom must own a humidifier.  I use mine all the time, especially in the winter.  This one is my favorite.  I’ve also tried the frog one (they also make a cow and a duck I believe), didn’t do it for me.


3.  Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

Best Diapers!

I use these once they grow out of the swaddlers– use those for sure at first.  I’ve tried just about every kind of diaper out there.  I am not a diaper snob by all means.  My first daughter did okay with some different kinds of diapers, but not my second.  I even somehow (how I don’t know) washed one of these and it came out totally fine, none of the little beads busted out.


4.  Desitin Butt Cream



My favorite butt cream is desitin original.  I’ve tried them all (A&D, balmex, butt paste, petroleum jelly).  For some reason my kids are BIG poopers, it even goes all the way up their back (tmi right???).  This has worked the best for me.


5. Travel Swing

Travel Swing

Travel Swing

These are a must!  You can easily take it anywhere you go or even keep it on a different level of the house.  I kept this in our bedroom and the bigger one in the family room.  Definite lifesaver.  I could shower!


6.  Carters Sleepers

Carters Sleeper

So soft!

Carter’s makes awesome and soft sleepers.  It’s so weird to me to see any baby under 6 weeks in anything else.  These are so comfy for them and very inexpensive.  Remember, newborns aren’t made to show style yet!  I chose this image because my girls wore this same one!!

7.  Avent Bottles

Avent Bottles

Avent Bottles

I am an advocate of breastfeeding, but sometimes it doesn’t work out (I only lasted 6 weeks with my first).  I like these bottles because there aren’t a kagillion parts and they are good quality.  You can also buy handles for them later on when you are teaching your baby to hold them.

8.  Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSack

I used to be a big fan of the kiddopotamus sleepsacks, but once I heard it didn’t help with hip dysplasia, I moved to these.  They are a little pricey, but they help your baby feel warm and swaddled like they are in the womb.  My advice is to get 3 for washing purposes!

9.  Lasinoh Lanolin Cream


Lasinoh Cream

Okay, this was a lifesaver for me.  It totally helped with cracking while breastfeeding.  Use this EVERY single time after you breastfeed for the first two weeks and you will not crack or bleed.  Trust me on this.  Some people even use it before having the baby so your nipples are softer and ready to feed.

10.  Jumperoo

Rainforest Jumperoo


Both of my girls loved this.  I could spend 30 minutes getting things done while they jumped.  I also believe it really helps with leg strength.  Talk about awesome!


Now, I wish I was Oprah and could give each of you my favorite things.  Bummer.  At least you can register for all of these!  Happy babies make happy Mamas!

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