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Marshmallow Cream Cupcakes!

Need to spruce up your cupcakes?  Make them marshmallow cream cupcakes!

These are seriously so easy to make and are oh so yummy!  The kids loved them!

My little guy’s birthday party is coming up and I wanted to try something a little different for the cupcakes this time.   I grabbed a jar of marshmallow cream and thought I would try it out.

They turned out great!

1.  Make your cup cake batter any way you choose (I just used a box).  By the way, one box that normally makes 24 cupcakes made 36 with the marshmallow cream stuffed in the middle.

2.  Put your paper liners in your cup cake pan and  scoop a small spoonful of batter into the bottom.  I just used a regular cereal spoon.


Step 2

3.  Put a small teaspoon of marshmallow cream on top of your batter.  One regular sized bottle was enough for 48 cupcakes!

Step 3

4.  Scoop a large heaping spoonful of batter over the marshmallow cream and bake as you normally would.

Step 4

The marshmallow cream rises to the top of the cupcake making it look pretty cool and making every bite delicious.  Next time I will try stirring the cream into the batter to see what difference it makes.


The kids gobbled them up... so did I. 🙂

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